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Ren-172: "At least we're not dead."
Kyle-B115: "Only because it's easier for ONI if we're listed as Active."
―Kyle and Ren after learning the true purpose of the DELTA Initiative.

Operation: INCOGNITO is one of the fictional operations created under the DELTA Initiative, it was never put into action.

Fictional Event

During a hypothetical Operation: INCOGNITO, Kyle-B115 and Ren-072 were supposedly tasked with remaining hidden behind Covenant Remnant lines. They were supposed to observe the Remnant troops, and learn their motives, tactics, and plans. Since the mission never took place, ONI never gained the information and had to assume based on previous engagements to cover up the lie.


In reality, Kyle and Ren were sent to Argus V, with the purpose of training the next group of Spartan-IIIs, Delta Company. It was deemed unnecessary when unexpected changes to operational timetables allowed for Kyle and Ren to be deployed under more transparent circumstances.

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