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Falkirian War for Independence




Falkirk, Gaelic system


UNSC Victory

  • Protector Campbell assassinated
  • Commonwealth signs armistice

United Nations Space Command

Free Commonwealth of Falkirk


Unknown Commander

Protector Fergus Campbell


SPARTAN-II commandos

Falkirkian Special Forces

  • Black Watch
  • Parliamentary Guard


  • Fergus Campbell
  • Dozens of soldiers

Operation: BROKEN SPEAR was a UNSC mission sometime in 2526, in which SPARTAN-IIs assassinated the military leader of the Free Commonwealth of Falkirk.

By 2526 the Siege of the Gaelic Colonies had been dragging on for ten years, bleeding resources and manpower on both sides in a conflict that had ultimately ground into a stalemate. When the Human-Covenant War erupted on Harvest, the UNSC needed to redirect its forces from fighting the Insurrection to fighting the Covenant. To free up the forces they had tied up in the Gaelic system, the UNSC offered terms of armistice to the Gaelic rebels.

The UNSC would give up re-taking the Gaelic Colonies and lift the blockade they had on the system. In exchange, the colonies would dissolve the military alliance between Falkirk, Sgòthein, and Ffyniannus, and would accept becoming a protectorate of the UNSC, a dependent territory of the Unified Earth Government that has been granted local autonomy and some independence, and would devote some of their industry to supporting the UNSC’s war effort.

Many members of the Falkirkan Parliament accepted these terms, having realized that they were incapable of completely defeating the UNSC, as they had become militarily and economically exhausted after ten years of fighting. Many of their soldiers were war-weary and exhausted, looking for an end to the war and were beginning to rally against them. However, the military leader of the Free Commonwealth, Protector of Gaelic Fergus Campbell, rejected the UNSC’s terms of armistice. He denounced the terms as thinly veiled attempt at extortion and exploitation, and was determined to not stop fighting until Falkirk was truly free.

In order to facilitate diplomatic overtures to end the war and allow them to focus their efforts on fighting the Covenant, the UNSC sent Spartan-II Red Team to assassinate the Protector.

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