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Omniscient Spirit
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August 6th, 2509


May 27th, 2510



General characteristics

Class and type:

Gorgut-pattern heavy destroyer


1,664 metres (5,460 ft)


Talu-pattern repulsor engines (2)

Slipspace drive:

Quintra-pattern borer

Electronic warfare and decoys:



4.5-7 metres of nanolaminate hull plating

"When the scalpel fails, the hammer is the surest way to victory."
Chieftain Cronus, on the ship's unofficial motto.

The Omniscient Spirit is a particularly-powerful Gorgut-pattern heavy destroyer that had served the Covenant Empire before and during the Human-Covenant War. Intended to project the power of a valuable CCS-class battlecruiser outside of the Hegemony's borders, the Spirit is extraordinarily well-armed and is aided by a fairly-powerful sensor and targeting suite. Lagging in both armour and shielding, the Spirit has proven to be a difficult target to destroy thanks to its skilled crew.

Suffering an accelerated launch to quell an uprising on Malurok, the Spirit would quickly come under the command of the exiled Chieftain Cronus. Assigned to mundane tasks, the destroyer would later become involved in the early campaigns of the Human-Covenant War. It would lead a distinguished career, participating in the Sieges of Chi Rho and Paris IV and the Fall of Reach. It was present at the Fall of High Charity, where it was boarded and turned it into a core member of the Ascetics' small fleet.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
    1. Construction
    2. Pirate Hunting
    3. Human-Covenant War
      1. Battle of Gamma Aurigae
  2. Specifications
  3. Crew Manifest
    1. Shipmasters
  4. Gallery

Operational History


The Omniscient Spirit originally began construction within the venerable shipyard known as the Lathe of the Enlightened, an aging facility located near the Station of Constant Sustenance. Historically prestigious thanks to its role in building Kerel-pattern assault carriers such as the Shadow of Intent, the shipyard fell on hard times and has been relegated to a supplementary construction yard. This relative obscurity was what saw the up-and-coming Vice Minister of Tranquillity with contracting the station with building a number of non-standard destroyer designs to bolster his Ministry's attack fleets, bringing the shipyard's crew in keeping it secret from the Minister of Sacral Assembly.

20180411082207 1.jpg
The Omniscient Spirit being fabricated in its assembly forge.

Among the first ships to being built as part of this request, the destroyer that would be known as the Spirit began construction in the Primary Assembly Forge Unrestrained Excellence around March 11, 2508. It was designed by Master Shipwright 'Valtinree, with the actual operation through the assembly nanomachines carried out by Apprentice Shipwright 'Kalrinee. Unfortunately, mid-way through construction the Minister of Preservation discovered the incomplete ships and ordered the shipyards to transfer the ships to his command upon their completion. Faced with little choice, the shipyard agreed to transfer the initial six Gorgut-pattern destroyers into the Ministry of Preservation upon completion, which included the Omniscent Spirit.

Unfortunately, mid-way through construction a number of massive uprisings would occur on Rahnelo. As one of the closest ships to the colony, the Minister of Preservation would order the technicians to launch the ship and respond to the crisis. Unfortunately, the destroyer would suffer an uprising of its own when the warship's Unggoy workforce realised why they were being prematurely deployed. Butchering the Sangheili and Huragoks, the Menial crew would defect to the rebels. By coordinating with the Unggoy secessionists on the ground, the Spirit was able to glass the main military complex. Unfortunately, it would be besieged by the Covenant's response - a task force led by Ripa 'Moramee. He led the boarding parties onto the rogue warship, ruthlessly slaughtering the crew without a hint of mercy. However, he was forced to abandon the destroyer after he learnt that the crew had sabotaged its excavation beam and proceeded to lead a merciless campaign on the ground.

After the campaign, the destroyer would be returned to the shipyard, protected by heightened security measures to prevent it from being hijacked again. It would remain in the assembly yard for the better part of the year, finally being relaunched and commissioned on May 27th, 2510. It would fall under the command of Shipmaster N'thava 'Drasovee, a veteran of the Jiralhanae-Covenant War who had been dishonoured under the suspicion of diverting fleet resources to the black market. He was aided by a pack of Jiralhanae who had been forcibly conscripted to grow the Covenant's military.

Pirate Hunting

After participating in a brief shakedown cruise, the destroyer was sent to the edges of the Covenant's expansive territory to respond to Yonhetian colony of Tenket's request for military assistance. Residing just outside of Yonhe's space, Tenket has always been an attractive targets for pirates, although it was only after the Covenant mobilised against the Jiralhanae that its region would become a hotspot for such activity. As such a task was beneath the notice of the mainline fleet, the Omniscient Spirit and two other Executioners were sent in to enforce security in the region and destroy the pirate's base of operations.

The Omniscient Spirit being ambushed by the pirate RCS-class cruiser.

For six weeks, the Omniscient Spirit was assigned to protect the fledging merchant bands moving safely between the Tenket and the various habitation stations. Few incidents would occur during this time, as strict segregation was maintained between the Sangheili officers and the Jiralhanae workforce. However, the few times the destroyer detected a civilian distress signal, they arrived too late to cause serious damage to the raiders. This would inspire rumours of incompetence among the Menial crew, although fortunately the infrequent action would maintain the status-quo on the warship. After a month and a half of constant repeats, the destroyer would finally arrive during a raid in process, intercepting a fleet of four Kig-Yar raiders attacking a defenceless missionary craft. Emerging well within weapons range, the Spirit opened fire with its pulse lasers to force the rogues away from the scout ship, then devastated the fleet with a full salvo of plasma torpedoes. No Kig-Yar pirates survived, as the overzealous Jiralhanae mistook their escape pods for primitive missiles and burned their hulls to a crisp, upsetting their shipmaster and putting the entire crew under strict watch.

Nevertheless, the destroyer's Huragoks managed to reconstruct the damaged databanks to glean which systems had previously travelled to. Reporting their findings, the three warships would investigate eleven independent systems over a two-week period, until they were finally recalled around their flagship when the base was discovered. Arriving in force, the Covenant battlegroup would be surprised to encounter that the base was actually a retrofitted RCS-class armoured cruisers, which had waited for the Covenant's arrival. In a battle lasting fifteen minutes, the RCS-class would steadily whittle down the fleet at range, destroying the flagship and critically-damaging the Spirit. Fortunately, they did not expect the additional firepower carried by the Spirit and had to break off, though not without destroying the designated flagship. The remaining two destroyers fell back to a Covenant refuelling depot for repairs.

Despite 'Drasovee's vow to restore his honour by destroying the cruiser, the Spirit would never encounter the cruiser again. Although they would continue to operate in the sector over a seven-month period, the removal of a major piratical base-of-operations saw the rate of raids drop sharply. With the region now cleared of rogue elements, the Ministry would forcibly reassign the Spirit to explore charted systems on the edge of Covenant space.

Human-Covenant War

Battle of Gamma Aurigae

"Their weapons of choice are merely a tiny swarm of slothful rocks? This war is going to be short..."
―Chieftain Cronus

When the Hierarchs declared the war of extermination against humanity, Executioner-type vessels like the Omniscient Spirit were recalled to lead the initial charge against their colonies. As the destroyer was responsible for patrolling and surveying the fringes of the Covenant's border, it was able to participate in the initial campaign into human space. It was forbidden from linking up with the massing fleets because of its Jiralhanae-dominant complement, the destroyer was relegated to searching the unexplored systems for human habitation. Despite finding frontier stations, the crew and Cronus himself grew restless at the lack of worthy action, and privately hoped that he could find a worthy in what he thought would be a short war.

Fortunately, his wanderings eventually lead him to the Gamma Aurigae system on April 26th, 2526. With long-range sensors confirming the presence of a small human colony just beyond the system's asteroid belt, the crew of the Omniscient Spirit thought this would be easy pickings. To their relief, sensors picked up five hostile enemy warships on approach, all larger than a CRS-class frigate. The destroyer's crew would relish the moment; while poor maintenance had taken its toll, Cronus still felt no issue with allowing his underlings to play with their opponents, having already heard whispers of their inferior fighting prowess. He allowed the Spirit to tank the missiles they fired without activating point-defences, and continued to encroach on them with minimal weapons firing. In just seven minutes, all but one human destroyer was destroyed, with the last routed, and the Spirit barely suffering a single shield flare.

With no defenders left to stand in their way, the Spirit immediately began glassing operations, destroying all orbital stations as soon as they came into range. Meanwhile, Cronus and his ground troops were deployed planetside for sport, butchering the pathetic UNSC garrison, hunting down civilians to fulfil their hunger and pillaging the planet for valuables. One of the colony's major cities would be completely incinerated within a matter of hours. However, three days later a far larger UNSC fleet numbering thirty warships would emerge from a slipspace rupture on the far side of the system. Accepting they were completely outgunned, the Spirit would withdraw from Gamma Aurigae, though not before firing off a single salvo of plasma torpedoes and energy projectors.


Crew Manifest



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