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(Nobilem miliciam)


Average height


Average weight

190 Ibs

Skin Color

Pale violet

Average lifespan

120 Earth years



Spoken Languages
  • Omn
  • English (adopted)
  • Forerunner Era
  • Rise of the Covenant Era
  • Globalization Era
  • Colonial and Insurrection Era
  • The Great War Era
  • Post-war Era
  • Purple skin tone
  • Aggressive
"Wise, strong and honourable. These or our bretheren."
―A sangheili on the omaan

The Omaan (Taxonomically Nobilem miliciam; dubbed Berserkers by Humans) are an elite, bipedal warrior species, similar to humans in terms of physiology. They ere an aggressive species, who have been known to spark wars without valid cause. In fact, their psychology had them enjoy feuding for dominance, an evolutionary trait to keep their population in check. They had willfully become indoctrinated into the Interstellar Union, feeling that such would provide them with greater military allies.

Technology and warfare

The Omaan, being a Tier 2 race, utilized the standard starship technology.

Survival on their harsh planet had provided them with a knowledge on the lethality of nature. Space-age omaan dedicated much time into the study of genetical engineering, and the forging of biological weaponry, such as venomous swords and weapons with the ability to sense and automatically engage their opponents. Such biological devices are commonplace throughout omaan society.

Biology and physiology

The Omaan had evolved from primates similar to those on Earth and Doisac, only with significantly stronger, yet lightweight bones that would assist them in the commonplace territorial fights that would often break out on their homeworld. Their general strength and height were a great asset to their survival on Oma. In fact, their natural aggressiveness and will to fight would transform them into the warrior species that they had become known for during the Post-war era.


Indoctrination into the Interstellar Union

The Omaan conducted first-contact with humanity in 2583, months following humanity's first contact with the nimant. While the humans did what they could to keep initial meetings friendly, radical, xenophobic factions would plague the UNSC for months, ravaging human colonies and raiding their space stations. In some situations, however, Omaan serving their mainstream government would assist the UNSC in these battles, as they too considered these organizations undesirable. These battles and skirmishes, in whole, would come to be known as the Human-Omaan First Contact War.