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Class overview

Vindraon-pattern battlecarrier


Primary Assembly Forges

General characteristics

Carrier, Executioner


4,000 metres (13,123 ft)


2,383 metres (7,818 ft)


646 metres (2,119 ft)


924 million tonnes

Engine unit(s)

Sivvar-pattern repulsor engines (3)

Slipspace Drive
Power plant

Dur-pattern dispersal field generators


13-17 metres of nanolaminate hull plating

Sensor systems

Hyperscanner array

Additional information

Human-Covenant War

  • Fleet support
  • Planetary occupation
  • Carrier operations
  • Ship-to-ship combat
"My ship is anything but pathetic, Sangheili. My pack has shown you just what one Jiralhanae ship can do to an entire armada, and we are now reaping the gifts of your ignorance."
―Taunt from the Jiralhanae-controlled battlecarrier Song of Piety, during the Fall of High Charity.

The Vindraon-pattern battlecarrier, designated the OSS-class battlecarrier, is one of the largest Executioner-type capital ships that was developed by the defunct Covenant Empire. A rare sight when compared to other heavy carriers fielded by the hegemony, the battlecarrier is feared by its foes for its spacefighting capabilities.

Although it is smaller than the iconic CAS-class assault carrier, the Vindraon-pattern battlecarrier is arguably more effective and resilient, combining a large strikecraft platform with a design that excels at fighting entire armadas. It is durable for its size, with a bulky hull and strong shields that utilise multiple generators to better resist a simultaneous attack all around it. This already makes it a formidable opponent, which is bolstered by its design that emphasises redundancy and endurance to make it difficult to disable. Its weapons follow a similar philosophy, with most of its striking power tied up in multiple batteries of heavy pulse lasers and medium plasma cannons rather than a few heavy energy projectors. This makes it dangerous to approach on all angles and nearly-impossible to disarm, although most Sangheili shipmasters look down on its inability to focus most of its fire forwards. The battlecarrier is slow and bulky, which can be a weakness. If trapped in a fight it cannot win, the Vindraon-pattern has one final trump-card in the form of a Forerunner micro-drive, installed to allow it to escape brawls it cannot win.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
  2. Role
    1. Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics
  3. Layout
  4. Specifications
  5. Ships of the Line

Operational History


Weaknesses and Counter-Tactics



Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes

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