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ORS-class heavy cruiser
Class Overview


Primary Assembly Forges


Technical Specifications


Cruiser, Examiner


3,000 metres (9,843 ft)


1,451 metres (4,760 ft)


509 metres (1,670 ft)


200 million metric tonnes


  • Adjurn-pattern heavy repulsor engine (1)
  • Gradure-pattern repulsor engines (2)


Ophon-pattern borer


Forerunner shrine-cores


Erios-pattern heavy dispersal field generator


4-5.4 metres of nanolaminate hull plating


Tiyvar-pattern hyperscanner detectors






Additional Information



  • Survey
  • Compliance
  • Command
"They have destroyed our pack-mates and are already charging for another attack! Pull back - we have no hope of wounding such a powerful warship alone."
Chieftain Gargantum, while fighting the Incorruptible.

The Varric-pattern heavy cruiser is a venerable line of heavy warships used by the Covenant Empire and later their successor-factions. Revered for their awesome power and accumulated glory, they are extremely versatile for a ship of their size, leading to them becoming prestigious vessels to serve aboard. Renowned for being augmented with a Forerunner weapons-core, they are further supported by advanced stealth systems, although unfortunately this had instilled issues with power management in combat situations.

Table of Contents
  1. Operational History
    1. Origins
  2. Variants
    1. Duram-pattern
    2. Reverence-pattern
  3. Ships of the Line
  4. Gallery

Operational History


"Fighting off sabotage, an attempted theft, and a trial by combat, these new battleships have already proven to have the power to push back against any trial our Covenant will now - and in the future - face."
―Celebrant Hat Dona, commander of the ORS-class prototype.

The origins for one of the Covenant's oldest and most respected capital ships lies during the Eighth Age of Conflict, which began in 281 BCE. Although the Covenant attempted to unify themselves by provoking a war of aggression with the fledging Jehetma, they were forced to fight a war on two fronts when one of their most elderly fleets, the Sangheili-dominated Fleet of Enduring Prosperity, declared they would cede themselves from the Covenant and 'liberate' their worlds. Despite their use of outdated warships, the experienced Supreme Commander Garsc 'Refumee was able to utilise shockingly-effective hit-and-run attacks on Covenant supply lines, forcing fleets to pull themselves back as they were weakened from dozens of small setbacks. While the Hierarchs blamed this on the Fleet Masters of their military, with executions being frequently conducted to encourage their armies, an attack on High Charity itself forced them to take 'Refumee's forces far more seriously.

The Covenant High Council founded the Song of Victory shipwright guild in 276 BCE, and immediately put them to work into developing a viable counter to 'Refumee's forces. Despite being given the largest shipyard ever built at the time and protected by a legion of the Hierarch's most loyal troops, the upcoming behemoth would prove to be a challenge to build. The unfamiliarity of the design team would them create enemies with each other until they were forced to work together, not helped by the fact that the High Council demanded that they use the most cutting-edge technologies available. Indeed, these issues forced them to accept that a giant battleship was impossible to accomplish under such conditions, and instead began working on a series of smaller ones.

Within a three-year period and after countless redesigns, the Song of Victory would unveil their first new warship - the RCS-class patrol cruiser, a smaller but nevertheless powerful ship that was built with a micro-singularity disturbance field which hard-countered 'Refumee's preferred hit-and-run tactics. However, these alone weren't enough to ensure the Covenant's superiority, especially since the Jehetma ships were often much larger than their Covenant equivalents. As a result, to help speed up development even further on the all-too-necessary battleship, they took the base of the RCS as a starting point and reworked it into their needs. Once the design was finalised and approved, construction on a prototype began in 271 BCE.

Unfortunately, the project would face outside attention. The sudden appearance of a new Covenant cruiser, one which 'Refumee's spies had never suspected much less predicted was built, had cost him dearly in his engagements against the Covenant, especially since they could go toe-to-toe with all but his largest ships. He knew he needed an edge and began retasking his spies with determining where the new cruisers were designed so he could interrogate and if possible recruit the shipwrights to his cause. It would take years for him to get any successful leads, until finally an ally in the High Council traded information on the shipyard's whereabouts for a position of power in his faction. Saboteurs were initially deployed to try and destroy the ship in dock, however, the heavy guard and carefully-chosen nature of the station's defenders made this difficult and plots were easily thwarted. When a direct assault proved to require the resources of an entire fleet, 'Refumee chose to bid his time until it the ship was ready for launch.

Human-Covenant War



An anomaly among its class, the Duram-pattern is a specialised line of cruisers built to combine lethal burst power with advanced active camouflage technology. Fielded on a rare basis by the Special Operations Division, they often act as vanguards to total invasions.


A specialised upgrade of the Varric-pattern heavy cruiser, the Reverence-pattern grand cruiser is a heavy command ship which is fielded solely by the Swords of Sanghelios.

Ships of the Line

Name Pattern Commissioned Destroyed Notes
Blight of the Profane Varric Unknown 2553 Formerly commanded by shipmaster Jul 'Mdama, scrapped by the Swords of Sanghelios.
Emancipator Varric Unknown Unknown Commanded by Lora 'Deris, participated in the Imperial War.
Foebane Varric Unknown 2558 Formerly the Gathering of Praise, participated in the Battle for Earth, survived the Battle of Installation 00. Later destroyed over Carrow in 2558.
Heaven's Battle Song Varric Unknown Unknown Commanded by Sev 'Ikavowattinrzo, diplomat craft of Xytan's Loyalists following his death. Eventually boarded and captured by Ronno T'Soramai.
Howl of Graceful Mercy Varric Unknown Unknown Attached to the Fleet of Righteous Vindication.
Incorruptible Varric Unknown 2552 Captained by shipmaster Voro 'Nar Mantakree, destroyed during the Onyx conflict.
Infinite Sacrifice Varric Unknown Unknown Formerly commanded by High Prophet of Regret, participated the Battle of Charybdis IX, discovered the Rubble. Later returned to the High Charity.
Minor Thunder Varric June 19, 2070 February 3, 2555 Commanded by Vot 'Gazum, destroyed over Siyclite.
Pilgrim's Solace Varric Unknown 2537 Flagship of the Ministry of Tranquility's Flotilla of Supplication.
Pitiless Promise Duram Unknown Unknown A Special Operations Division vessel attached to the Fleet of Salvation, joining the Quillick along with the fleet during the faction's creation.
Questioner Varric Unknown August 31, 2558 Commanded by Felo 'Ranak, participated in the Imperial War. Destroyed during the Battle of Frendhal.
Seeker of the Blessed Path Varric Unknown Unknown Flagship of the Fleet of Rampant Zeal, participated in the Siege of Chi Rho.
Unwavering Discipline Varric Unknown 2558 Destroyed over Carrow.
Vanguard of the Devout Varric Unknown Unknown Commanded by Shipmaster Fyze 'Mogamee, attached to the Fleet of Righteous Vindication.