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Nyx-class Sloop
Production information

Reyes-McLees Shipyards



Technical specifications

56 metres


46 metres


21 metres

Engine unit(s)

Plasma Fusion Drive

Slipspace Drive

Shaw-Fujikawa Model 52

Slipspace velocity

912 light years per day


Grade 1 shield

  • Laminated shell
  • Layers of titanium
  • Layers of AEGIS
  • Thermal energy absorbing layers
  • Kinetic absorbing layers
  • Aero gel layer
Sensor systems
  • 360 degree AESA RADAR
  • Distributed LIDAR/ptical/UV/IR cameras
  • RADAR receiver
  • Magnetic sensor
Targeting systems

Multispectrum Optical AI assisted camera network

Navigation system

AI assisted Slipspace 'MAZE' directional router

  • AI/Manual driven computer supported pilot systems

AI Assisted ADIS

  • MASER communications dish
  • Slipspace LASER communication system
  • War Net Integrated computer


Year introduced



Necros War


United Nations Space Command


The Nyx-class Sloop is a specialised ship used by the Office of Naval Intelligence for a variety of special tasks. The ship is designed to be modular to allow for a wide variety of roles to be defined by internal layout. It can be used as a VIP transport, assault ship, research vessel, observation vessel, escort and blockade runner.

The ship has all the stealth features of larger Prowlers, such as thermo-optical camouflage fields, RADAR absorbent materials, and infra-red suppressive paints, but often uses off-the-shelf aircraft systems for its sensor suites and defence systems. The ship itself is lightly armed, with a pair of 120mm magnetic accelerators buried in each of the wing tips, six archer pods in two launch bays and a rear facing Windstorm Close-In Weapon System, along with numerous decoy launchers and defence LASERs.

Internally, the only two truly fixed rooms are the bridge and engine room. The bridge is more akin to a cockpit on an aircraft, with pair of stations, which can both operate as the pilot of weapons officer. These stations have access to the forward window, weapons control and the control inputs, with analogue directional controls (flight sticks). Between this is the main holotank, which can display a variety of inputs, or just the A.I. in most cases. Behind this is the electronic warfare operators seat, which has access to a wide variety of technical systems for observation, defence and offence, allowing them to defend against and preform attacks in the electromagnetic spectrum or cyberspace.

The engine room consists of the ships singular on-board fusion reactor, directly powering the engines and systems and its two emergency generators, designed to power-up the fusion reactor from its none-powered status or super charge it in combat situations. This room has a engineer's station for monitoring and adjusting the engine, though is rarely fully manned outside of combat situations.

Due to the variable nature of the ship, the large interior space can be be fitted for a variety of purposes in about three days, and even decorated in two more. This ship can be used as a VIP transport, ferrying important personnel in safety, as the personal ship and base of operations of an ONI agent and his team, as an assault craft for UNSC special forces or as a mobile laboratory for clandestine research.

Ships of the Line

  • UNSC Nyx
  • UNSC Basilisk (Used by the head of ONI)
  • UNSC Lady Luck (Used by Bravo Company, 117th)

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