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"Novum Acies (Latin: A new battle) is an expanded universe created by S-D379. Novum Acies, or NovAc (as it is called generally) spans over almost a hundred years, ranging from the earliest origins of ORION Project, to the recent chaos amidst the Created Crisis, humanity's newest threat to its surivival. NovAc is primarily told through individual characters and stories, as it covers various events that shaped the history of mankind.

Simply put, Novum Acies is the collection of all of S-D379's work in one expanded universe, and as such, is not an open universe. Crossovers with other expanded universes are welcome, though."

Rebellion Era

The Rebellion Era starts from 2480 and last throughout till 2525. Rebel factions have declared war against the United Nations Space Command. The UNSC, already struggling to control the vast network of human colonies, finds it difficult to fight the insurgents. Project ORION is started in order to help fight the insurgents. The project eventually gives its way to the ORION Generation II program, more commonly called the SPARTAN-II Program.

Human-Covenant War

The Human-Covenant War starts from 2525 and ends in early 2553. This era is the main focus of the Cebverse, focusing on various soldiers as they struggle to fight the Covenant Empire. From the First Battle of Harvest to the Battle of Algolis, all the way up to the Battle of Installation 00.

Post-Covenant War

The Post-Covenant War Era is the shortest era of Cebverse. After the Human-Covenant War, Humanity and Sangheili join hands together to safeguard the galaxy. However, rogue factions who still believe in the Covenant Empire's beliefs come together to form the Covenant Remnant and fight the allied forces. It is upto the UNSC and the Swords of Sanghelios to stop these factions.

Reclaimer Era

The Reclaimer Era is the largest and the most unexplored era in the Cebverse. A new and unknown evil awakens, bringing a Knights vast army of soldiers. Their goal, destroy the Human-Sangheili Union and take over the galaxy. The legendary John-117 stops this threat, but old friends turn into enemies, waging a hellish war against the Union.

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