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Protagonist UNSC Marine Private
Antagonist The Flood
Author DarthNicky
Author's Rating 13+ *Some Deep and Scary Things to Think About*

Nothing is a short story about a UNSC Marine who has been recently infected by a Flood Infection Form.

Nothing. Just nothing. He sat in an empty void, not thinking, not moving, not breathing. There was nothing around him, nothing in him. He just sat there, as still as the nothing itself, for he was nothing. But then, suddenly, a thought. A quick thought, a simple one, not complex nor very thoughtful at all, but a thought nonetheless.

Where am I?

He tried to look around, but could not move. He could not even feel anything. He was just an empty thought, something that barely existed. But he did not think of this. He was too panicked. He could not even remember who he was or what had happened to him, and he was scared, naturally. But the memories began to come back. At first, he remembered a W. Then he remembered William. Yes, that was his name. He was excited, and began to try and remember the rest. After thinking for a while, he had remembered some. Private First Class William McGregor, 2nd Squad, 1st Platoon, Company B. He could not remember the rest, but then he began to remember others. His mother, his father, his sister, his girlfriend, his squadmates. But the faces of his squadmates triggered a different kind of memory. A memory with more emotions.

He remembered panic, more so than he had been before, something hot, something loud, screams, his screams, and then a soft, fleshly-looking organism attaching itself to him. He remembered. The Flood. They had gotten to him. He wanted to cry, scream for help, but could not. He could only sit there in self-pity. But he noticed something else in his empty little void. He couldn't see it, obviously, but he could feel, sense its presence.

It's still here...

The voice sounded annoyed. William became very afraid, and he wanted to run away. But he could not. He could feel the presence move towards him, or as close to moving that it could. He felt like he was backed up against a corner, unable to move.

Get the hell away from me!

Stupid thing. I am already in you.

Suddenly, he felt like something clasped around him, and all in a matter of moments, he was once again nothing. No thoughts. No memories. He was back to where he started, but this time, he will never remember anything again. He was nothing, and would stay that way.


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