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Noah Sówka
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March 2, 2477



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203 centimeters


90 kilograms






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United Nations Space Command


Noah Sówka—also known as Codename: SAFEWIND—is a former ORION Project operator and Army rifleman, and is currently a member of ONI's Section Zero.

After being discharged from ORION in 2506, Noah returned to his family estate on Mazovia following the death of his father. He remained there isolated from the rest of the world for years as he was plagued by memories and a slowly consuming guilt revolving around the details surrounding the ORION Project's deactivation. His self-imposed exile broke or strained many relationships, being rectified only by his return to service in 2532 in response to learning of the Covenant.

He was recruited into Section Zero when the Office of Naval Intelligence became concerned with the potential possibility of sensitive information making its way into Covenant hands. Noah was assigned to the UNSC Atacama, traveling deep into hostile territory to fallen worlds to retrieve or destroy surviving data belonging to the UNSC or ONI. After six years on the Atacama, Noah had worked closely with the Special Investigations Division leading to a reunion with an old friend, Ashley Coeman in 2538.


Early Life

"I had an older brother and a younger sister. We had our fair share of good and bad years. For the bad, we always rebuilt. But now, there's nothing left but rubble."
―Noah, returning to his childhood home following the glassing.

Noah was the second of three children to Filip Sówka and Jaroslava Kederski in Toruń, Mazovia, growing up in a spacious estate outside the city. Being the son of a wealthy CybCell executive and a famous actress, Noah and his brother Bartosz and sister Monika spent most of their childhoods in the spotlight, unable to experience life in peace and quiet. To escape their chaotic lives, Sówka siblings would often spend most of their time at Fraseheim National Park next to their home. The national park was massive, and isolated, with only a few thousand visitors per year. The park provided them with a feeling of serenity away from the camera.

The Queen Anne style-inspired Estate where Noah grew up.

Their adventures around Fraseheim Park helped establish a close connection between the siblings. The three were together often, mostly due to the busy career decisions their parents had made. While Noah had kept somewhat of a normal relationship with his father, his brother Bartosz had begun to resent their father, before their relationship broke entirely when Bartosz turned eighteen.

As the siblings got older and matured, they each expressed their own ambitions and desires. For Noah, he never quite figured out his plans for the future. The unease he felt for the future along with his own damaged ego, Noah eventually began to drift away from his siblings as they moved on into their future lives. And when Bartosz left to enlist with the Army, and Monika studied abroad on Reach, Noah was left alone, unsure of the future he would live in.

A teenage Noah prior to enlisting with the UNSC.

For a few years, Noah remained at the Sówka Estate with his parents, who were still rarely around. He jumped between simple jobs around Toruń, earning his own living for a time, and soon planned to move into the city. But during this time, humanity faced a crisis, the Insurrection had recently broken out and began spreading across the colonies. Even Mazovia had suffered a few minor skirmishes among desperate secessionist and anarchist factions. While watching a broadcast about a major UNSC victory on a far-off colony world, Noah recognized and caught glimpses of his own brother, Bartosz. The broadcast praised him for his heroism, with eye witness accounts claiming shocking ruthlessness with near-superhuman abilities, taking on an entire insurrectionist company on his own and rescuing prisoners of war. The people of Toruń, who were strongly pro-UEG compared to the rest of the colony, began praising his brother as a hometown hero. During their early teenage years, Noah had come around to idolizing Bartosz. For Noah, Bartosz was more than a hero to him, and now he was a war hero, inspiring hope to billions of humans across the galaxy in a time of instability and uncertainty.

Encouraged by his brother's actions, Noah told his father he was enlisting with the UNSC Army the next day, and despite his objections from both his father and mother, Noah left for basic training six months later.


Ashley Coeman: "There's not a lot of information on this guy. We managed to figure out his age and birthplace thanks to Margaret, but any records of an "Otto Hall" on Escala III are either missing or never existed. He wants his past buried deep, and he'll keep it that way."
Noah Sówka: "First-name basis with the Sink? That's impressive. You've risen pretty high since we last spoke, Ash."
Ashley Coeman: "Stay focused. I'm not here to catch up. Just get him on my ship and then maybe we'll talk."
— Ashley briefing Noah on his assignment.

Homeward Bound

Deliver Us From Evil

Path of Silence


Personal Life

Noah is of Polish descent, though his earliest family history can be traced back to Polish immigrants that arrived in the former United States in the early 20th century, though today he self-identifies as a Nov Polćsi, a cultural movement that arose in the mid-25th century. Due to being raised in a religious household, he is a devout Catholic.

Personality and Traits

When growing up, Noah had often been seen as being the opposite of his brother. While his brother was seen as open and wild, he was described as reserved and cold. This personality has often been mistaken for being callous and contemptuous, leaving Noah with few friends as a child. Despite this, Noah remained loyal to his family and loved both his siblings dearly.

In the military, Noah became a proficient warrior but was not afraid of taking a moral, diplomatic approach when the opportunity presented itself. This approach, however, could not be easily relied upon later. Serving in ORION would be the place where his personality and outlook on life would change the most, having being forced to accept the reality of the type of war he was now fighting. He became a dutiful warrior and shifted his morals under of principle that he was ensuring a brighter future for all. In his own words, Noah explained: "I gave into sin." When he was later paired with his brother in the final years of the project, the contrasts between the two became exemplified. While Bartosz was the natural leader, Noah's caution and intelligence gave him a knack for planning, exploiting it to its greatest potential.

Noah is fiercely protective of family, friends, and comrades alike, stepping himself into the line of fire if need be. He is slow to anger and capable of controlling his temper in hard situations. Though the rare times he has allowed his anger to get the better of him, he has been described as being far more menacing than Bartosz.

In the aftermath of his "retirement" from the military, Noah closed himself from the world around him when he returned to his home. He was left alone to deal with the traumatic memories and feelings of guilt from the war.



Career Service Vitae

Noah Sówka

FULL NAME: Sówka, Noah
SERVICE #: 14644-51003-NS

    UNIT: ONI Section Zero
    ENLISTMENT DATE: January 24, 2495

    GENDER: Male
    BIRTHPLACE: Mazovia
    BIRTH DATE: March 2, 2477
    HEIGHT: 203 centimeters
    WEIGHT: 90 kilograms

General Notes

Sówka has racked up an impressive body count during his stint with ORION. Insurgents across the colonies both fear and despise him and our agents in the field indicate a price is still on his head, though nobody seems brave enough to take the job.

Service History

[Service history regarding Noah Sówka is restricted, access requires OGM Directive clearance level or higher.]


Under ONI Section Zero Order SAFEWIND, Sówka is to be given full clearance levels and disclosure to groups of interest and persons involved with Project SILVERBACK and the "Group of Nine". Interference with this investigation can result in life imprisonment of execution. note=




Ashley Coeman

Bartosz Sówka

Monika Sówka

Filip & Jaraslava Sówka

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