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New York In Seventy-Four was a popular song among Insurrectionist fighters for the Boundary Republic. Knowing that the intention of the Republic government would be the ultimate overthrow of the Unified Earth Government, and with it would be the deaths of many Insurrectionists, soldiers tried to cope. Without any real possibility of escape during one's time in the military, those troopers who felt that their time would be soon created the song "New York In Seventy-Four" on the eve of the United Nations Space Command invasion in 2559. The poem's intent was to mock the long-term policies of officials like Edward Garan, although some units created versions that were more pro-government.



As we march along we cry:

Out of Lesno in sixty-two

To Mars in sixty-three

March on New York in seventy-four

As we go to make war!

Verse 1:

Living in chains, we rose in thirty-nine

Lord, no battle was as fine!

In fifty-two, a old foe brew

Fifty-three we readied to water the tree


Verse 2:

Fifty-four came no war

With fifty-five came a thrive

Out in the sticks in fifty-six

Got ready for heaven in fifty-seven


Verse 3:

Fifty eight came still a wait

And fifty-nine's looking to be just as fine


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