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The New Colonial Alliance were an Insurrectionist organisation created in October 2552, by Mattius Drake, a UNSC Admiral and decorated war hero. For the first few months of its existence, the fledging organisation recruited UNSC personnel who were dissatisfied with the public cosying up with the Sangheili before the official declaration of the cessation of hostilities in March the following year. In January 2553, the New Colonial Alliance announced itself as a major player in the post-war sphere. A failed SPARTAN-IV recruit, Ilsa Zane, lead an unsuccessful attack aboard the UNSC's flagship, the UNSC Infinity. This had disastrous effects upon the organisation, Mattius's position was discovered, forcing him to flee to the Outer Colonies with the small detachment of ships and soldiers he had mustered in the three months of existence. Mattius reformed the structure of the group, by placing several dozen smaller cells throughout the Colonies to further his goals; likewise front companies throughout the Inner and Outer Colonies were set up to provide a means for the organisation to gain the technology required. Secondly, Mattius used his several contacts both within the UEG and business world that provided him with substantial funding - in particular, Drake turned to The Syndicate for funding and help in procuring weapons, leading to the clandestine organisation having significant influence on the group. However, it wasn't until the Kafkian Uprising that the NCA acquired a surge in recruits. Many URF fighters, now displaced by the decimation of their hierarchy following the uprising found a new home in the arms of the NCA. Furthermore, many citizens alarmed by the repressive policies implemented by the UEG towards the colonies fuelled a new recruitment drive that increased the numbers of personnel in civilian areas.

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