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Nalini Al-Harari
Biographical Information


Spartan, Special Investigator


  • Nalini-B099
  • Nalini Shah
  • Yasmina Kazem


July 19th, 2531



Physical Information




1.67m (5' 6")


Dark Brown



Political/Military Information


  • Investigative Know-How
  • Special Warfare Technician (Former)


  • Ensign (2551)
  • Petty Officer First Class (Former)


  • UNSC
  • East African Protectorate

Nalini Al-Harari was a Beta Company SPARTAN-III washout, former Police Officer, Private Investigator, and ONI agent who was active in the Human-Covenant War. Nalini was conscripted into Beta Company a few years after her parents were killed in during the Battle of Vodin showing immense promise as a candidate due to her observational skills and heightened senses. Years into her Spartan Training, Nalini would kill a trainer inadvertently leading to her "Washing-Out" and a multi-year imprisonment. This was before the Company received their augmentations and as such she was left only with her military training and a new legal identity: Yasmina Kazem. Eventually Nalini would restart her life by takin to the streets of New Mombasa, taking on a new identity, and use her training to become a licensed Private Investigator within the East African Protectorate where she would remain before being invited back to the UNSC by Rear Admiral Darren Cohen as a Special Agent for the Diamond Initiative in 2552.


Early Life

Like most SPARTAN-III candidates, Nalini was orphaned due to the war with the Covenant. Her parents Saad and Jena were killed in 2532 during The Battle of Vodin when the Covenant began a indiscriminate bombardment of their neighborhood, destroying their home. Nalini was injured but managed to be saved by evacuating neighbors. These neighbors were able to have her evacuated on the lone space elevator on Vodin as the UNSC fought to protect it. Due to her age, she was able to be brought on one of the first waves of evacuees and was able to reach orbit and transport before the elevator was destroyed in the battle. Ultimately, she survived as the battle and was transported to Tribute to be housed in a refugee camp where her DNA was logged into a colonial database.

Spartan Trainee

In 2534 Nalini was offically assigned to Beta Company’s Team Golf after months of being kept locked away on Onyx. Golf's roster would be finalized to Annalee-B220, Wei-B258, Ahmed-B077, and herself during the very early days of training. After a few weeks, due to her take-charge nature, Nalini was assigned as Golf's "Team Leader". The team quickly became much like a close-knit family unit, caring for each other above all else. Nalini was first able to bond and become good friends with Ahmed because of their shared Arabic heritage — Annalee and Wei not long after.

After about a year, Nalini was becoming an adept leader and Golf flourished under her watch. She soon designated Annalee as her second-in-command on training missions and the two became very close. Wei and Ahmed also became some of the most physically tough Spartans in the company and, as such, they often received tougher assignments for the team to hurdle. This, Nalini felt, was all for their benefit. Eventually, however, Nalini became jaded about inter-team competition and rather wanted to focus her Team's talents and specializations. Wei became a signature rifleman, Ahmed specialized in explosives on a Warrant Officer path, and Annalee was focused on strategy and advanced tactical awareness — Nalini was convinced she would be better suited as a Team Leader and wanted to ensure she would eventually end up in that position.

However, while Nalini focused her team inward, many other team leaders became enraptured in competition which had been slightly encouraged by trainers hoping to push the teams farther and to strive for perfection. Annalee, regretfully, became caught up in this competitive scene and she found herself in a sort of proto-relationship she referred to as an "alliance" with Spenser-B337 of Oscar Team in 2540. Spenser, nickname "Spike, had built up a rivalry with Joel-B404 of November Team. The two often spent time with one another, cutting into the team fabric of Golf. Nalini tried to redirect the alliance, but it eventually turned into a weird understanding that Golf would side with Oscar in multi-team training exercises. Annalee's strong connection to both Teams Golf and Oscar often made her a cherished "peacekeeper" between the two as well, as competition often became rough and violent. As time went on Annalee and Spike's relationship became much closer, and Spike's drive to be a stand-out leader created rifts among the other groups. Nalini in particular found herself feeling sorry for Annalee as Spike's competitive nature eventually overshadowed Annalee's own talents and forced her into what Nalini saw as a subservient role. This went against everything that Nalini had been working towards for Annalee, and it further soured how she felt about Spike. She was relieved when she finally convinced Annalee that Spike was toxic to their team dynamic and the two finally split.

Throughout all this, Nalini still maintained a close relationship with every member of Golf and grew closer with each member as they went on missions and became better soldiers. What became clear to Nalini, though, was that her relationship with Annalee felt much closer and, as they grew together, she found she had to wrangle her emotions as they were different from the rest of the Team. Though she never specifically confided this conflict in Annalee, she eventually came out to each of the Team as a lesbian after years of them growing up together. She came to this self-discovery by education on the matter from Company doctors and psychiatrists, though she was told that such ranges of emotions were of no concern while she trained to be a Spartan. She took issue with this opinion.

Incident of Identity

In April of 2542, sections of Beta Company were moved to a remote UNSC outpost for an exercise off planet Onyx. By this time, most Beta teams had carried out similar missions before, and they would again try and prove their lethal precision. Nalini saw this particular mission, though, as different from the rest. The training mission was one about subterfuge and deception. Teams would be intermingling with an urban populace and, as such, would be carrying fake identification. Nalini, who had in recent months had become upset with the Company doctor's dismissal of her "identity distractions", shared a plot with Team Golf to break out of their barracks and into the nearby town for a "bit of fun". Using the identity cards that they had been given for the exercise, she had planned for them to sneak into a bar and order drinks to celebrate a mission well done. The entire team excitedly agreed, and followed Nalini out in the early morning while the rest of the company slept. Nalini had, however, also planned to completely embrace her identity, profess her love to Annalee, and tell her that they should run away for short while while they had a chance to have some fun. She thought that Annalee would feel the same as she did and that it would be fun and refreshing to embrace who she was before she returned back to the program.

Spike, still resentful of Annalee's betrayal, learned of Nalini's plan as she had invited other teams. Drew-B191, a friend of Nalini's, let slip this information and when they left in the evening, and Spike reported those that left in turn AWOL. With Spike's tip, Beta Company trainers went out to drag the Spartans back to their barracks. Nalini, after the Spartans who ventured out rendezvoused at a Baseball stadium in the town over, spent time talking with Annalee. As they did, Nalini excitedly revealed her emotional attachment to Annalee and her plan for them to run away, if only for a short while. However, Annalee was completely blindsided by Nalini's profession of naïve love for her. Annalee refused, concerned with getting in trouble and not understanding quite the dynamic that Nalini had envisioned. Nalini recognized in that moment that she had inadvertently morphed her vision of Annalee's friendship into something more than it was. Annalee, Nalini knew then, was fairly and completely shocked by Nalini's feelings. While Annalee didn't deny their connection, they found each other suddenly on different wavelengths and Nalini was crushed.

During this ordeal, the Beta Company trainers had tracked down and caught up to Team Golf and the other AWOL Spartans. Nalini, still heartbroken and angry that her plan had failed, refused to return when confronted by the trainers and the argument resulted in a fight with three of them. While in the heat of the fight, she inadvertently killed one of the trainers by snapping their neck with a punch. When she realized what she had done, she gave up promptly. It dawned on her that she had let her emotions do exactly what she was warned of by the Company doctors, "jeopardizing her status as a Spartan".

When Golf Team and the other Spartans returned, they were immediately thrown into the brig for a day without food. Nalini was imprisoned indefinitely. It was decided that Nalini would immediately be removed from Beta Company and face a Court Martial, and would be charged with Murder in the Second, with an aggravating circumstance. Completely defeated, she resigned herself to imprisonment, potentially for life.

Operation: TANGLE

Mendez would then order the Spartan teams back to Onyx where Nalini would face her court martial remotely within an internal ONI Court. While en route to Onyx, a hostage situation developed aboard ONI's Bravo 9 Relay Station located in Interstellar Space. By chance, the Spartans were aboard the closest UNSC vessel. Mendez, given the choice by the captain of the ship, gave the green light for the teams to respond.

The incident had been carried out by the crew of the notorious Junker Pirate vessel Mata Hari. The crew of the Mata Hari raided the remote Bravo 9 Relay Station for supplies, but quickly found themselves in the middle of a hostage crisis gaining the ire of the UNSC.

Nalini's actions to help assist her comrades during the encounter led to Kurt Ambrose deciding to lower the charges brought fourth from Murder to Manslaughter, bringing with it significantly less harsher punishment.

Reeducation and Lockup

Even with the dialing back of her charges, an internal ONI court Nalini her guilty of manslaughter and dereliction of duty. Due to the secretive nature of her charges, Nalini’s documentation offered to the ONI Court listed her as “Yasmina Kazem”, and her age as 18, though she was actually 13 at the time. Her age was never called into question, though, as her incident occurred during “training”, lining up the timeline with that of early ONI training. Her physical appearance also helped due to the intense training she had received through the years making her appear physically older than she was.

Before she was shipped to Songnam to serve a sentence in a UNSC Military Prison, she was subjected to an intense experimental "reeducation" program by the Doctors and Psychiatrists stationed with the SPARTAN-III program, answering to LCDR Odin O'Connell, the man behind their development and augmentation. O’Connell used Nalini as an impromptu experiment and attempted to erase certain aspects of her memory utilizing drugs and electroshock to instigate traumatic erasure of memories. The best O'Connell was able to do was to instill an intense trauma associated with revealing her Spartan secrets, a bit of Pavlovian psychology intermingled with his staff’s understanding of PTSD. Her trauma from the “reeducation” didn’t erase her memory, but instead made her forgetful of her training when recalling it and also making her intensely afraid to divulge any information associated with it.

Upon transfer to ONI custody, Nalini would be sent to Cole Memorial Correctional Facility in Songnam, where she was to serve her sentence of 5 years. Her time in the CMCF was slated to be spent doing labor such as assembly line work for Vehicle parts, reeducation for civilian life, and job training if she chose. After a year of constant fights, and abuse by other inmates, Nalini sought to expedite her imprisonment. Cole Memorial happened to be part of a special UEG program where reeducated and rehabilitated former military personnel would be eligible for certifications in Security, Policing, or Corrections work. Nalini decided to make the best of a bad situation and by 2546 she held the equivalent of dual Bachelor's degrees in Sociology and UEG Law.

Due to her behavior and her educational prowess while incarcerated, she was released early in January of 2547. Upon leaving CMCF Nalini had already been slated to begin her career as an Officer of the New Mombasa Police Department — again aided by her falsified age and name that the Spartan program had provided.

Life in Africa

Police Beat

Nalini arrived in New Mombasa in February of 2547 where she would begin her time as a Police Cadet in the NMPD Police Academy. Since she was a former violent offender, early on she would be scrutinized more than the standard Cadet. She had to meet with NMPD Psychologists to discuss manners of de-escalation to avoid violent tendencies, as well as take extra weapon safety courses and sign away her right to weapons while not in uniform. Despite all this she would still graduate in September of 2547 and begin patrolling shortly thereafter. However, Nalini quickly realized that she was not fond at all of the NMPD. She found that the Commissioner was less than agreeable, and that those loyal to him were a fair bit rough around the edges. Also she realized that she would be given very unagreeable hours for years to come due to her status as a former military prisoner, learning the Department saw people liker her as “undesirable”.

The stress of work, along with the traumas of Odin O’Connell's torturous reeducation, the incidents that occurred during her incarceration, and the loss of her names and dealing with her identity as a young woman, Nalini became deeply depressed and slipped into having a on-again off-again dependence on Alcohol, kept in-check with designer drugs she confiscated from the street. After seeing out of the new year in 2547, she decided she would attempt to leave the grid, deciding that this alter-ego “Yasmina” was nothing more than ONI shackles to keep her in check. She wanted to do things her way.

Leaving the Grid

Shah and Partners

Showdown in Old Town

The Diamond Initiative



Service Summary

Major Assignments

Dates of Rank

Insignia Rank Date
UNSC Crewman Recruit.png Trainee (E-1) 2534
UNSC-N Petty Officer Third Class.png Petty Officer Third Class (E-4) 2539
UNSC-N Petty Officer Second Class.png Petty Officer Second Class (E-5) 2539
UNSC-N Petty Officer First Class.png Petty Officer First Class (E-6) 2540
Loss of Rank via Court Martial 2541
UNSC Crewman.png Reinstatement of Rank: Crewman (E-3) 2552
UNSC O-1.png Ensign (O-1) 2552


In Circulation

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