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The NEMESIS Decoy Launcher is a UNSC defensive system used on almost all armoured fighting vehicles employed in the UNSC. The Nemesis is a rotary decoy dispenser, fed from 50 round caseless grenade projectiles. The system uses three barrels which can be independently loaded and fired and are mounted on a turret giving them strategic launch capacities to cover the vehicle. NEMESIS launches are usually controlled by the ADIS system, but they can be launched manually by a vehicle operator. NEMESIS decoys can be fed with any mixture of munitions, allowing them to be mixed to mission requirements.

Munition choices include

  • High power Infra-red flares, designed to blind infra-red, ultra-violet and night vision systems with high intensity lights, with variable 'dial' settings controlled by ADIS and FAI parameters to adjust it's brightness and intesity in various spectrums, to allow to to match vehicle signatures or to simply blind targets.
  • Ion flares, producing strong electromagnetic fields, capable of generating false signals on magnetic detection systems, confusing magnetic guidance system such as MAD guided missiles or magnetic tunnel guided munitions such as plasma launcher munitions. The variable settings on Ion Flares allow them to either produce a wide band jamming signal or producing false signals.
  • Smoke generators, producing a non-toxic smoke. The smoke mixture has a number of high energy particles mixed in, which when ignited generate a high thermal signature across the entire smoke cloud, which can cover up to forty metres, creating a thermal 'blotch', wherein vehicles can safely hide.
  • RB-3 aerosol composites that disperse in a prearranged cloud detonation to diffract DEWs with a 79% effectiveness.
  • Chaff dispensers, which confuse RADAR guidance and detection systems within a wide area around the vehicle. These utilise a wide variety of alluminium composite strips, designed to cause massive intereference over a wideband, with more narrowband optional flares to create a protective blanket that does not blind their own RADARS.
  • AN/ULQ-399 Variable Mission Programmable Radio Decoy (VAMPR, more commonly referred to as 'VAMPIRE') is a multi-purpose radio decoy, with a number of capabilities that can be programmed by the ADIS or FAI before launch. The VAMPR is capable of emitting spoofing signals, beam false co-ordinates to the RADAR seeker of the missile or opposing fighter, producing a wide range of false signals matching the launch platform to confuse missiles with false RADAR targets, wide ban jamming or narrow ban jamming or simply blinding RADAR guided ordnance.
  • RM-11 composite dispersal is a specialised dispersal pod that covers an area in a dense field of titanium dust. This dust has a high effect against plasma munitions, causing premature detonation and reduction of munition density, causing plasma munitions to lose their power against the target.
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