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Group Four, Naval Special Warfare Division
Unit Background
  • Covert Operations
  • Black Operations


Current Commander

Captain Salomon Martin

Subordinate Units
Current Status



Naval Special Warfare Division Group Four, also known simply as NAVSPECWAR Group Four or NSW-4 was a special operations detachment of the Naval Special Warfare Division, specializing in Covert and Black Ops. During the Insurrection, members of Project ORION was attached to this group to carry out high-risk anti-terrorism operations.


By the Human-Covenant War, the group was taken over by Captain Salomon Martin and repurposed to specialize in combatting the Covenant, employing veterans of fighting the alien empire from all branches into its operational detachments. Despite this, the group's results paled in comparison to the record garnered by Catherine Halsey's SPARTAN-II Program, or Colonel Ackerson's successor program, SPARTAN-III, leading to Captain Martin's dislike of both.

In 2546, upon Herald Team's creation, it was attached to the group and quickly produced impressive results, increasing its prestige in UNSC's special forces. This was only tarnished by the failure of Operation: TRIDENT (carried out alongside Group Five) which lead to Herald Team losing half its members in a single battle.


The group was divided four sections, each with different tasks; the Command Section - predictably - was made up of the whole group's commanding officer, executive officer, and their assistance officers, and was tasked with mission planning and interaction with other groups or entities in the UNSC military. The Combat Applications Section was meanwhile responsible for carrying out all combat-related missions. The Logistics Section was responsible for managing supplies and resources for the rest of the group. Finally, the Intelligence Section was responsible for gathering intelligence to aid the command section in their planning; due to this, it often worked closely with ONI.

  • Command Section
    • Captain Salomon Martin (CO)
    • Lieutenant Commander Jeanne Moreau (XO)
  • Combat Applications Section
    • NSW4-A ("Alpha")
    • NSW4-B ("Bravo")
    • NSW4-C ("Charlie")
    • NSW4-D ("Delta")
    • Herald Team
  • Logistics Section
  • Intelligence Section
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