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N'tho 'Sraom
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N'tho 'Sroam was the Field Master of the Assault Troopers during the Necros War


Second Battle of Harvest

Battle of Osaka II

Battle of Midway

Battle of Atum-Ra

Massacre of Troy

Battle of Reach

N'tho 'Sroam was part of the large invasion fleet dedicated to the destruction of the Human citadel world of Reach: jumping into system, the Covenant fleet managed to destroy most of the commanding officers on the world, leaving the UNSC forces relatively ineffective. N'tho was assigned to a force with the task of destroying several closely located UNSC bases: using the confusion and lack of coordination among the Humans to his advantage, N'tho moved in a small Covenant force while leaving the larger force as back-up, and the Humans fell right into the trap, chasing the small force into the waiting ambush of the larger one. After this, N'tho used the Scarab at his disposal to obliterate the bases heavy defenses so that his infantry could move: once they had moved in, the bases fell quickly.

After only a relatively short time of fighting the massively outnumbered Human army was defeated by the Covenant. The Covenant proceeded to glass all of the world, save for a small portion from which they detected a Forerunner artifact: N'tho was to be part of the task force that would deal with retrieving the artifact, but he was instead detached to a departing battlegroup, leaving to aid in quelling Unggoy civil disturbances.

Second Battle of Earth

Second Battle of Installation 00

N'tho 'Sraom

Defense of Sangheilios

Battle of Doisac

Battle of the Mirror

Battle of Eriador

Rebellion on Glorious Foundation


Mental Report


N'tho and Usze 'Taham

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