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The Moorstead Academy in Lotora was a private school created in honor of the late educator and political activist Kimberly Allison Moorstead. The academy's campus surrounded the base of the Kimberly A. Moorstead Memorial Space Tether, an orbital elevator with which the school shared its namesake. It was widely considered to be the best school in the Outer Colonies, and one of the best outside of Earth.

The academy played a major role in the Battle of Roleath, during which the Lotora's population was gathered on the academy's campus by the UNSC Army for evacuation via the orbital elevator. It also served as a basecamp for local UNSC forces, due to how quickly supplies could be received through the elevator, and that its dormitories were already sufficient to provide adequate housing for troops. However, the academy was eventually destroyed when it was glassed during the Second Battle of Lotora.