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Average height

1 - 1.2 meters (3ft 6in - 4ft) (at shoulder)

Average weight

90 - 127 kilograms (200 - 280 lb)

Skin Color

Green skin with red tail

Average lifespan
  • 14 - 17 Earth years (wild)
  • 16 - 23 Earth years (captivity)

17.8 million


The Monosaur (Monosaurus unicus in Latin taxonomy), also known as the Cruncher and Horned Lizard by locals, is a reptilian predator native to the Joint Occupation world of Drawn. It is one of the most successful predatory species on the planet with a population of 17.8 million spanning across two continents.



Hailing from the forests of both the Taurica continent and the eastern edge of the Lithis super continent, Monosaurs are large predatory reptiles. Unlike some reptiles, male Monosaurs are noticeably larger than females, with a height of 4 feet at the shoulder and a weight of 250 to 280 pounds compared to the females' height of 3 feet 6 inches and weight of 200 to 240 pounds. They have a small set of spikes lining their back, with forest green scales. The scales' tone lightens up at the underbelly and darkens near the top of the back. Their tail fades into a light red color, and they have yellow eyes with black pupils. Males also sport a small horn on their nose, presumably for mating purposes.

Hatchlings are small, with a height of 7 to 8 inches at the shoulder and a low weight of 13 pounds. Both sexes are similar in appearance at this stage, as all hatchlings have yet to develop their sharp spikes and defined snouts.


Monosaurs hunt in packs of four to six, but will easily turn on their own if food is limited. Packs often fight over territory, with fatal consequences, but sometimes multiple groups will band together to form a "Super-Pack" if multiple packs are threatened by an enemy. These Super-Packs are volatile and dangerous, often sporting at least ten of the Horned Lizards. They have sharp teeth meant for ripping flesh, and attack prey with overwhelming force. When Monosaurs reach adulthood, they will leave their pack for a time, hunting alone in the wilderness. After finding a suitable mate, they will form a new pack, and the cycle begins anew.

Monosaur clutches are usually consistent of four to five eggs, but due to the nature of Monosaurs, only two or three usually survive to adulthood. While territorial, males are surprisingly tolerant of other males in the same packs, and thus form strong bonds. Monosaurs are seldom hunted by locals due to their sour-tasting meat, and as thus have a steadily-growing population.



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