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(Homo sapiens immutationes)


Average height


Average weight

170 Ibs

Skin Color

Pale white

Average lifespan

100-120 Earth years



  • Great-War Era
  • Post-war Era

Pale skin, abnormal features


The Modifiers (Taxonomically Homo sapiens immutationes) are a branch of genetically altered Humans, recognizable for their altered biology and their likelihood to feature physiological defects, caused by excessive tweaking to their genetic code. Although their origins are shrouded in mystery, it is believed that this human subspecies had arisen sometime during the late twenty-sixth century. They haven't lost the majority of what defines them as human, due to their altercations, yet they are physically superior to most, while prone to faults in human complexion.

Biological defects

The Modifiers are abnormally pale, do to lack in blood. It is also known that they have altered their mentality, up to the point were they no longer desire individuality, as well as to contribute to the well being of their kind. Over time, they have also lost their natural desire for sexuality, resulting in them deciding to "grow" their children as their only form of reproduction. They insist on continuing to alter their genetic code, in attempt to repair the damage caused, regardless of the fact that they only continue to harm themselves.


Early history and the NEPHILIM Project

The Modifiers were originally created during a failed military operation, similar to the ORION Project, only involving the altering of genetic code while still in the embryo state. At first, the project seemed to be a success, as superhumans were continuously born. Instead of being drafted into the military, however, the researchers encouraged continual selective breeding, until the point were their recessive flaws became dominant. Years after the failed project, it's victims were kept contained and quarantined until a day that the mutant humans had escaped captivity, only to disappear and remain hidden on the outer colony of Heracles V for decades, by which time, their species had genetically spread amongst the planet's few colonists.

First contact with the project's unknowing descendants was kept limited, as they are almost considered recluse.