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The Mission Support Activity, better known as The Activity, is an organization within the Office of Naval Intelligence that assists with collecting actionable intelligence for UNSC forces before they conduct missions or operations. Created in 2492, the Activity has become one of the many highly classified groups designed to assist with the takedown of Insurrection targets.

Throughout the Human-Covenant War, the Activity became the central organization that focused on gathering intelligence against the Covenant. In 2545, the Activity paired up with The Group and the two worked together to assist with taking down Covenant targets. Many operations that the Activity supported with helped destroy the Covenant's ability to genocide humanity faster than they intended to.

Following the end of the Human-Covenant War, the Activity pioneered Remote Contact Teams and began to deploy them across the Orion Arm to gather intelligence. The Activity broke off ties with The Group after their members were poached and the two remain at each other's throats from time to time. During the Created Crisis, the Activity was devastated along with the rest of ONI and broke into cells where they operate with what assets they have.

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