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Characters of major importance who aren't significant enough to warrant their own page, OR have one in the works


Grant Anderson

Author Spartan-D042
Born May 22nd, 2469
Status Active
Era Insurrection Era, Human-Covenant War, Post-War Era, Created Conflict
The unplanned byproduct of a fling between two cadets attending OCS on Luna, Anderson grew up surrounded by the UNSCDF lifestyle. Neither his mother nor father relented in the pursuit of their careers to raise him, leading to Grant growing up largely without them. In his youth he was quite the delinquent, often leading to him suffering disciplinary action from his instructors at the prestigious military academy his parents had shipped him off to. While he never did fall completely in line, Anderson did graduate with honors and pursued a career as an infantry officer within the UNSCMC. Following his runaway success as a combatant and leader, he was selected for and quickly joined the first generation of Project ORION. He would serve with the secret unit until its dissolution, after which he was quickly inducted into the Office of Naval Intelligence as a field agent. Records following this point are elusive at best and non-existent at worst, what is known that he operated as Codename: HANGING TREE and following his elevation from field work, he served with a variety of covert project and programs, including Project HERACLES in a directorial role.

Kian Bekkar

Author Spartan-D042 Kian Bekker2 (2).jpg
Born July 30th, 2464
Status KIA as of February 24th, 2537 (aged 73)
Era Insurrection, Human-Covenant War
Born to unknown parents, Kian was raised by his two adoptive fathers, both retired Army Airborne. Spending the first four years of his life on Actium the family of three would become a part of the first wave of colonists to settle Harvest in 2468. Inspired by his fathers and a sense of adventure taken from being a part of the first wave, Kian would join the UNSC Army via ROTC in college. Quickly Bekkar worked his way into the ranks of the of the Airborne, becoming a platoon leader in the 17th "Golden Talons" garrisoned on Paris IV. After several years he would leave the 17th to become a member of the elite SABERs, only to be transferred to Project ORION two years later, subsequently being augmented and given leadership of Tomahawk Team. From then on until the project’s shutdown he would lead the team on numerous special operations as well as grooming several of the UNSC’s deadliest operators outside of the Spartan-II and III programs. Following the project’s shutdown, Bekkar would transfer back to the Golden Talons, and serve as a company leader until the Battle of Leonis Minoris I. After the convoy of evacuees he was escorting was ambushed, Bekkar, along with four other troopers and compliment of Colonial Militia engaged in a delaying action to protect the civilians and were slaughtered to the last man. Drone footage shows Bekkar's corpse was surrounded by those of four Elites.

Carmen Ocampo

Author Spartan-D042 Ocampo.jpeg
Born November 17th, 2475
Status KIA as of March 18th, 2528 (aged 53)
Era Insurrection Era, Human-Covenant War
A native of Madrigal, Ocampo was the youngest of five and a fighter since birth. In school she had the potential to excel both academically and athletically but squandered both by constantly embroiling herself in brawls with other students. Barely graduating, she pursued the same path as her father, and elder siblings, she enlisted. Choosing to serve in the Marine Corps, her effectiveness in the field saw her eventually joining a prestigious force reconnaissance unit alongside Joseph Kovacs in particular. The two shared a heated rivalry that followed them into Project ORION, and eventually it bloomed into something more romantic. However, any hopes at a future were shattered following Kovacs' disappearance in Operation: TANGLEWOOD. Carmen would attempt to move on more than once, eventually becoming pregnant with a son whom she adored. Despite the relationship with her son's father, an SABRE Commando, not working out, the two did all they could to raise their son, even as Carmen returned to the Marine Corps following ORION's dissolution. However, she would be killed during the fighting on Harvest after Covenant forces elected to bombard the position she and her marines were holding after seven failed attempts to take it.

SPARTAN-II (Class I, II, and IV)



SPARTAN-III Alpha Company


Author Spartan-D042
Born July 18th, 2524
Status MIA(KIA)
Era Human Covenant War


Author Spartan-D042
Born December 27th, 2523
Status MIA(KIA)

Spartan-III Beta Company


Author Spartan-D042
Born March 21st, 2533


Author Spartan-D042


Author Spartan-D042


Author Spartan-D042

Spartan-III Gamma Company


Author Spartan-D042 Jamison.png
Appears in Gone, RP:Status Quo
Born February 20th, 2539
Status MIA, November 13th, 2555
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
Born on to a pair of Kholoian refugees on Alluvion, Jamison's life was one of hardship in spite of his parents efforts. At the tender age of three, Jamison was orphaned and would spend several years in an orphanage on Minister. After some time ONI agents would recruit Jamison as trainee 144 for Gamma Company by preying on the child's desire to protect those around him, his fellow orphans in particular. Throughout training, Jamison was one of several standouts among Gamma, growing quite the reputation for himself as a friend to all as well as a natural warrior. Eventually he would be made leader of Fireteam Shamshir, Jamison would lead the team until their deaths in the Battle of Earth, where shortly afterwards he would be paired with Cody-B042 to form the Headhunter Team Hotel II. Emotionally devastated by the loss of his team and his confidence shattered by perceived failure, ONI correctly assumed that being paired with the older Spartan who had suffered similar circumstances would be mutually beneficial. The two would bond rather quickly, and became one of the top Headhunter teams at the UNSC's disposal.


Alfred ‘Al’ Apone

Author Spartan-D042
Born August 8th, 2507
Status KIA, December 4th, 2556
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
Born to a rural farming family on Harvest, Apone lived a quiet life until the invasion of the Covenant usurped everything he knew right as he entered adulthood. Doing the only logical thing that he could think of he enlisted in the UNSCMC immediately and was thrown into some of the worst conflicts of the war from the retaking of his home to the Fall of Reach. Rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant, Apone lead his squad through hundreds of battles, each death weighing heavily on his mind, but never breaking him. During the frantic Battle of Voi Apone’s squad was pinned down by a Brute chieftain and several other high ranking brutes, suffering heavy losses Apone quickly scooped up an M41 launcher from one of his fallen subordinates and fired into the chieftain, breaking its shields and killing two of its guards. Then, pressing his advantage Apone killed the chieftain by blasting it in the head with an M90 CAWS, killing all Covenant infantry in between himself and his target. This action caught the eye of those in the administration of the Spartan IV Program, which he joined as one of the first in the new generation of Spartans at the close of the war. Shortly thereafter he was put in command of Fireteam Hadley. He would lead the team on a host of successful operations against Covenant-remnant groups, and the resurgent Insurrection. Unfortunately, he was killed in December of 2556 by an unidentified extraterrestrial threat.

Cora Rowland

Author Spartan-D042 Rowland.png
Born January 30th, 2519
Status KIA as of November 23rd, 2558
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Era
Born on the remote Hadrian’s Grove agricultural colony, Cora Rowland was an angry child from the start. Her father had lost a leg and an arm during Operation: TREBUCHET and like so many veterans was more or less abandoned by the UNSC. On the cheapest prosthetics money could buy, David Rowland and his wife Irene worked the fields of their small farm to the point of exhaustion to provide for their three children. Cora, the middle of the three and ever the troublemaker took issue with nearly every perceived slight against her, and her family from the time she was able to comprehend them. From the fact she was constantly sick, to how the children in the school appeared to sneer at her, Cora always had something to project her deep seated anger onto. When the Covenant arrived in 2526 and orphaned her, they became the subject of her hatred. While some children her age were gathered up for the likes of Alpha Company, her struggles with illness had removed her from consideration. Though markedly intelligent, her anger alienated her not only from her siblings but also constantly landed her in trouble throughout her youth. Following a particularly brutal altercation, Cora was arrested, and offered the chance to either enlist of face jail time. She chose the Marines. Proving to be quite the fighter, she eventually joined the ODSTs, and later an elite cross-branch unit under ONI Section III, Lima 9-9. Following the war’s close Rowland was one of the first SPARTAN-IVs, and the first SPARTAN-IV to join the Special Activities Division’s Hangmen. Deployed on numerous highly dubious operations, Rowland seemed to relish her work, and psych reports indicated she'd become openly nihilistic. Following the Created Uprising, Cora was captured after igniting an Unggoy settlement. After it became clear no amount of re-education would change her, she was executed.

Other Random UNSC Supersoldier Projects


Office of Naval Intelligence

Henry Wingo

Born October 22nd, 2500
Status Active
Era The Insurrection, Human-Covenant War, Post-War
Born on the colony Andesia, Wingo was raised with equal parts anti-UNSC sentiment and abuse by his father, a crippled former insurrectionist who'd taken up alcohol after the loss of his legs. In spite of the his father's efforts however, Wingo came to hate the insurrection, blaming it for his hardships, and in turn became sympathetic towards the UNSC. When he reached the age of 18 he enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps, and in the ensuing confrontation, badly injured his father after the man stabbed him with a broken bottle. Over the next several years Henry would prove himself a stellar combatant, joining the elite ODSTs at only 20 years old. For five years Wingo would participate in countless special operations missions, proving himself incredibly lethal with or without a team at his back, the latter in particular would catch the eye of those at ONI. In 2525 Wingo accepted an offer to join Project BRUTUS, assuming the moniker of Agent 24. For years, he would undertake out countless operations against the remaining insurgents, but unlike some agents, 24 and his mentor, Agent 10, would also be sent on missions on the front lines of the Human-Covenant War. In 2545 however, Wingo would be reassigned from BRUTUS to serve as head drill instructor of Project HERACLES after the unit failed to obtain Agent 10. Given the moniker Codename: PRINCE OF TIDES, he would train the children to the best of his ability, coming to see them as more or less his own. In 2550, following the rushed augmentation and deployment of HERACLES, Wingo was left distraught after so many perished in combat, and even more so as combat fatalities continued to rise. In order to prevent a valuable asset from deteriorating, Henry would be deployed on the front lines until the end of the war, after which he was augmented using the procedures of the new Spartan-IV Program, and given leader ship of Whiskey Nine-Nine, an augmented ONI black ops team.

Bolivar Jankovic

Author Spartan-D042 RenverserProfile.jpg
Born November 13th, 2480
Status Alive
Era Insurrection, Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
A native of Madgril, Bolivar spent the first part of his life as the beloved second son of a wealthy Serbian-Hispanic couple who worked as executives of an outreach program meant to aide the large portion of the colony's population who lived in poverty. Around his 16th birthday, the Jankovic family were all murdered aside from him by a local crime syndicate known as The Pack, who in addition to removing the biggest obstacle to their operation due to the Jankovic's rehab clinics and anti-drug stance, also garnered favor with the insurrection by removing the UNSC funded program. Despite their attempts however, The Pack's hitmen failed to kill Bolivar, who was taken in by one of the families his had helped survive. Rather than run, Jankovic recklessly pursued vengeance, only to have his bravado rewarded when he turned out to be a highly skilled killer. Eventually hired by a competing local criminal organization, the Cavan family, Bolivar proceeded to destroy The Pack in spite of their insurrectionist backing by eliminating all of it's major members by the time he was 18, leaving the Cavans to take their place. For the next seven years he would wander the galaxy as a gun for hire, serving as an assassin, enforcer, and more as he garnered a fearsome reputation under the moniker "Verdugo". In 2505 his days of freelance work would end when he was approached by a mysterious man who offered him a place in his new unit, Project BRUTUS. Persuaded by the pay and the sense of purpose such a position would provide, as well as the team of fully equipped ODSTs outside the bar he and the man were in, he joined the group under the callsign of Agent 10. From then on, through insurgency and genocidal alien hegemony alike Bolivar would serve as one of BRUTUS most lethal agents even years after the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War.


Bailey Keller (to become major character once page made)

Author Spartan-D042 Keller1.png
Appears in
Born April 1st, 2533
Status Active
Era Insurrection, Human-Covenant War, Post-War
Born on Reach to a middle class family, Bailey was the youngest of three. Exceptionally gifted both athletically and academically, Keller was quickly marked as a candidate for the SPARTAN-II Class II Program, but in fact outwitted the agents attempting to abduct her and would go on living a fairly normal life. In 2552 when Reach was attacked Bailey lost the majority of her family to the Covenant. After the war, she would finish college and graduate in 2553 ahead of schedule and begun a career as an elementary school teacher on the colony Minister. In late 2558 whilst taking her class on a field trip to the world’s orbital elevator, the Created would arrive and in the ensuing chaos caused by the Forerunner weapon’s EMP, a merchant vessel would collide with the elevator and send the section containing Keller and her class careening into space. However, the Spartans of Fireteam Stallion would quickly arrive and rescue the woman and her class, but in the ensuing chaos were forced to take them aboard the UNSC Vegas which the team was stationed on. Over the course of the Created conflict Keller would eventually form a deep friendship with Cody-B042 despite initial differences between the two, becoming something of a remedy to the immense mental trauma of the Spartan. Eventually, somewhere over the course of the Created Conflict, the relationship would turn romantic, and the two would make plans for a life together at the end of the conflict. Though not a fighter by nature, Keller has proven time and time again to be an excellent shot.

Mercenaries and Criminals

Beric Smith

Author Spartan-D042 Beric.png
Born June 8th, 2500
Status Alive
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
Born to a prostitute in a brothel on a backwater mining station, the infant boy who would one day be known as Beric Smith was cast into the local orphanage by his mother's pimp before he was even a month old. Around the time he turned seven, the orphanage was burned to the ground in a fire, leaving Beric to wander the streets and eventually become involved with the local criminal element. Seemingly born to fight, Beric rose through the ranks of his gang until late 2513 when the station was raided by insurrectionist forces. In addition to taking the supplies and resources of the station, the rebels also took many of the boys in order to have them used a soldiers in their war against the UNSC. From there Beric fought for the insurrection on numerous fronts before deserting the cause in favor of personal gain. Utilizing the chaos of the Human-Covenant War to his advantage, he grew to become a renown mercenary and an accomplished killer of men and aliens alike. Following the close of the conflict he would eventually sign a contract with Baal Defense Solutions and begin working for the company.

Elezar Novik

Author Spartan-D042 Apollyon (2).jpg
Appears in Rival
Born February 21st, 2521
Status KIA
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
The fourth of six sons, Elezar was never going to be the one his father choose to take on the family company. Rather than submit to a life of being subordinate to his eldest brother Nikita, an arrogant and foolish man, Elezar and three of his brothers instead choose to enlist in the UNSC and join the fight against the Covenant. Elezar served with distinction throughout the war, eventually joining the prestigious 142nd Army Airborne. Rather than return home following the end of the war, Elezar choose to pursue more lucrative soldiering with Baal Defense Solutions. His service record made him ideal to be one of the first augmentee's of Project APOLLYON. Deployed to assist the Gilgamesh Free State with UNSC infiltrators, Elezar eventually ambushed and engaged Cody-B042. After a fierce fight, and one he may have won, Elezar was killed after Jamison-G144 shot him in the head.

Daniel Mathis

Author Spartan-D042 Mathis.jpg
Appears in Just A Job
Born May 2nd, 2519
Status Active
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
Born the son of a former ORION/SABRE operative and an ODST who met on leave, Daniel Grigori Mathis Jr. was destined for life as a soldier in spite of his parents objections. His life was first shaped by war when his father lost both legs in a bombing carried about by an insurrectionist on their homeworld New Jerusalem, forcing him to end his service, and again when his mother was killed in the fighting against the Covenant. Daniel would follow in his mother’s footsteps and enlist in the Marine Corps, first seeing action in the Battle of Actium, wherein his entire unit was slaughtered. Daniel survived only thanks to having been thrown from a Warthog after being struck by plasma, and crawling several kilometers alone back to safety after his unit had thought him dead. This would not be the last of Daniel’s near-death experiences, and eventually his tenacity saw him once again take after his mother and join the ODSTs. He would serve in the elite group for a time before being inducted into the black ops unit Lima Nine Nine under William Hargrove. Following the end of the Human-Covenant War and the dissolution of Lima, his father’s medical expenses began to pile up, and even with the raise in pay that would come from joining the SPARTAN-IV program, which he was offered a place in, it would not be enough. Daniel was honorably discharged, and immediately took up profitable mercenary work. Only after a job which forced Mathis to take the life of a UNSC service member, something which he had promised himself not to do, did he finally have enough to support his father. Unfortunately, Daniel Mathis Sr. passed mere hours after Daniel was payed, leaving him alone. Daniel would fall into depression and debt, eventually being forced to choose between death or serving as an enforcer for The Syndicate. He chose the latter, and dutifully served his new masters without issue. This loyalty however, quickly transferred to the Created following their emergence suggesting that he may have been eager to be rid of the organization’s control over his life.

Salvatore ‘Sal’ Romano

Author Spartan-D042 Sal.jpg
Appears in Operation: STRIKHEDONIA Logs, Halo: A New Day
Born April 6th, 2511
Status KIA, October 24th, 2558
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War Conflicts
Sal grew up surrounded by violence, it was inevitable that it would become part of who he was. Despite the efforts of his father who moved the Romano’s onto Mars to escape his own violent past, Sal quickly found himself participating in gang activity beginning in his early teens. However, after an arrest and a timely intervention by his father, Romano moved away from the path he was on and instead enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps. A natural on the battlefield, it took all of two years for Sal to join the infamous ODSTs. In early 2545 he was recruited for the Black Ops unit Lima Nine Nine, with whom he served for the remainder of the war. After the war’s close, Romano and the rest of Nine Nine’s surviving members who didn’t opt to end their service were inducted into a new unit under Codename: MAGICIAN. Sal would perform admirably as a fireteam leader in this unit for years until after an operation on Andesia to recover the rogue asset Codename: NOVEMBER, a heavily enhanced assassin. He and the rest of the new unit’s Pelican dropship was intentionally shot down by MAGICIAN’s cruiser in order to tie up loose ends on the orders of an enigmatic ONI commander known as CALIFORNIA. Rather than die, Romano survived the blast and was rescued by a salvaging crew as he drifted in the void, and upon recovery launched a one man war of vengeance against ONI and their affiliates, which eventually landed him in a Wealthian prison until his rescue by Edmond Dahm. Grateful, Romano served on Dahm’s ship for a time before encountering William Hargrove and Joseph Kovacs, his former commanders who were investigating what had befallen their comrades on Andesia. Sal would fill the two in, and join the duo in waging war against CALIFORNIA. Eventually after a series of engagements the trio would arrive at one of CALIFORNIA's remote outposts, 'The Scythe', where after eliminating the bases' personnel, they would be attacked by none other than Codename: NOVEMBER. Though heavily injured, Romano was able to kill NOVEMBER before succumbing to his wounds.


Covenant Species

Teka Doram

Author Spartan-D042
Status KIA
Era Human-Covenant War, Post-War
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