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Carissa Zheng

Appears in Blackout
Born November 2, 2476
Status Deceased (2506)
Homeworld: Cascade

Most of Zheng's early life was scrubbed clean following her death and the deactivation of ORION. What can be recovered lists her as living in an orphanage in her youth on Cascade, and prone to severe bouts of rage, anger, and unpredictability. Her induction into ORION has been kept classified, and there are no records of her serving in the armed forces prior to joining ORION. However, what can be deduced from researching her service record (TGX-4 clearance) puts her at the top of her class in lethality, but has also designated her as unstable and requiring constant surveillance. Prior to this surveillance, she was involved in a number of incidents of outbursts that left her mission handlers dead or in critical medical condition. At first, it was recommended that she be discharged from the program and placed into a military medical facility to undergo treatment. This action was indefinitely postponed after she proved time and time again how valuable she was to the project. The outbursts decreased and eventually ceased altogether after she was required a regular dosage of antipsychotics and enaxapine. Her mental state continued to improve even further with regular interactions and later, intimacy, with fellow ORION operative Ashley Coeman.

Zheng's life came to an abrupt end in 2506 after a counter-insurgency operation gone wrong resulted in the deaths of twenty-four operatives. Not long after this operation, Project ORION was shut down with its remaining members transferred to other agencies of the armed forces or discharged from the military into an early retirement. The contents of this operation that resulted in the complete dissolution of Project ORION remains in the highest of classifications (TGX-5 clearance) that not even I can access. But after further investigation and the pulling of strings and old favors, this operation was later revealed to be the infamous Operation: HEMLOCK, which was intended to deliver the final killing blow to the Prosvetite cult, which had terrorized multiple colonies in the first decade of the 26th century. This operation failed drastically on a scale never experienced before in its short history, devastating the program's operational capacity. The bodies of those killed were never recovered, but camera footage retrieved from the operation seemingly confirms that Operator Zheng is deceased.



Appears in Halo: Fateful Hours
Born December 22, 2537
Status KIA (October, 2552)


Status KIA


Status KIA


Camilla Johnson

Appears in Halo: Fateful Hours
Born September 9th, 2526
Status KIA (May 20th, 2549)
Sergeant Camilla Johnson was a UNSC Army Airborne combat engineer of the 93rd Airborne Division, serving in several campaigns during the Inner Colony Sieges. Daughter to Avery Johnson and Jilan al-Cygni and twin sister of Devante Johnson, the twins joined the UNSC Armed Forces during the later years of the war, following in their parent's footsteps in fighting for humanity's struggle for survival against the Covenant Hegemony. Unfortunately, Camilla would perish in 2549 during the Siege of Paris IV, but not before she and rest of the 93rd held off an onslaught of Covenant legions to allow the last remaining military and civilian transports to evacuate from the besieged Inner Colony, was later dubbed the Miracle at Paris IV. Post-war analysis of the battle revealed that Camilla played a pivotal role, using her explosives expertise to cause the annihilation of several thousand Covenant troops that had attacked her division's position.

Camilla and the rest of the 93rd Airborne Division were posthumously honored the Legion of Honor and Colonial Cross during the Remembrance Day ceremony on February 11th, 2554, with both her brother and mother in attendance. Camilla was later memorialized alongside her father in the Covenant War Memorial database.

Office of Naval Intelligence

Levi Benson

Appears in Blackout
Born September 14, 2483

Larra Kestlin

Appears in Blackout
Born May 29, 2478


Appears in Blackout
Born December 19, 2451

Group of Nine

Yazhu Jin

Appears in Halo: Wegia Morta

Mynard Knight

Appears in Halo: Fateful Hours

Veriko Beridze

Appears in Halo: Wegia Morta

Jordà Martell

Appears in Halo: Fateful Hours

Pjetër Dibra

Appears in Halo: Wegia Morta

Josef da Costa

Appears in
  • Halo: Safewind
  • Halo: Wegia Morta

Fedor Volkov

Appears in Halo: Safewind


Francisco Martell

Filip & Jaraslava Sówka


Leon Dressler

Appears in Blackout
Born Unknown

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