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The Millennia Class Frigate is a type of fleet escort ship in service with the Colonial Navy. The Millennia saw extensive use during the first contact with the Outlaws in the lost colonies. The class was manufactured by SinoViet Heavy Machinery on Upsilon.


Design details

The Millennia class is more heavily armed and armored than smaller ship types. Millennia Frigates are capable of atmospheric maneuvering and are occasionally used by the Colonial Military for ground-support operations. The Millennia class is very fast and maneuverable in space, allowing it to engage hostile vessels while avoiding high volumes of fire from weaponry.


Millennia Class Frigates are more heavily armed than most UNSC frigates. The frigate is also armed with sixty five Archer missile pods. Millennia Class Frigates have eighteen point defense guns located across the hull. Its additional firepower means that it can easily handle fighter craft and can hold its own against other sized warships.

Service History

In service since 2562, this is easily the oldest ship within the Colonial Navy, but it still holds up to modern standards. The Millennia Class, has partook in many naval and ground offensives in the Colonial Military's campaign against the Outlaws


Bridge of a Millennia Class

Millennia Class' tactical station

Millennia Class' Archer Bays