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Military Orders are paramilitary groups within Sangheili culture, each dedicated towards certain goals, aims or missions, with each having their own collection of rules, on how to live their lives as a member of the order. Following the creation of the Covenant, many Orders vanished, or were abolished, with many others becoming glorified body guards, though some, like the abolished Ascetics, who were dedicated to preserving Sangheili culture, never vanished and continued to serve their original purpose in secret, waiting for the day to return Sanghelios' glorious heritage.

Military Orders serve as a balancing element of Sangheili culture, since most are devoted not to the act of war, but to defending their home, and their way of life. However, each is a formidable fighting force, and each have a legend etched into Sangheili culture through deeds and actions in history. Today, many orders still flourish, forging new legends.



Known Orders

  • Light of Helios: A cadre of elite bodyguards, the Light of Helios order seek to guard the most prolific targets. Once the personal guard of the Prophets, they now guard the High Councillor, the Imperator, and many others.
  • Guardians of Faith: A order dedicated to the defence of religious shrines and pilgrims, since the schism they've broken into many sects to pursue the many beliefs the Sangheili now believe in.
  • Honour Guard: Elite guardians, dedicated to the protection of the high council, they guard many other important individuals.
  • Ascetics: Guardians of Sangheili culture, many are poets, writers, historions and biographers, while also supreme warriors, and masters of their death-craft. Many patrol the Republic for their cause, while many others follow the military, ensuring their culture remains strong under the pressures of war.
  • Envoys of Fortitude: Formed during the early days of the Sangheili's colonisation era, the Envoys of Fortitude are 'planet tamers', who go to the most dangerous colony worlds to protect the colonists until such a time that their colonies can be established.
  • The Crusaders: Warrior-Knights, they investigate crimes and corruption, routing it out wherever it flourishes, and putting and end to it.
  • Void Lords: A collection of independent captains, bound by a sworn pact to defend Sangheili worlds. They act as a naval auxiliary force, conducting patrols, rescue missions, and attacking pirates.
  • Reliquary Sentinels: A new order, they are both researchers and crusading knights. Their goal is to seek out ancient Forerunner artefacts and secure them from those that would misuse them. These artefacts are secured in their mighty keeps.
  • Hospitaller Saints: Warrior medics, good Samaritans, and disaster relief, the Hospitaller Saints enter war zones and battlefields to treat the sick and injured, or give peace to those to far gone.
  • Onyx Knights: Originally a small and obscure order, their numbers and influence grew during the civil war, when they established themselves as a professional fighting force. The Onyx Knights accept writs directly from Republic to find and terminate war criminals, brigands, enemies of the state and traitors.
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