"It seems everybody just wants power nowadays. Now, what about me you might ask? I just want some money."

--Anderson to Thomas Harvey onboard the Watershed

Michael Joseph Anderson is the former captain of the insurrectionist ship, the Long Beach, smuggler, war criminal, and currently a mercenary. He was born on the outer colony of Highwater during the beginning of the Human Civil War to the war criminal Michael Anderson and his wife, Jane. Due to him being born on an outer colony, along with the fact that his father clearly hated the UNSC and the UEG, he grew to hate them as well.

During the Insurrection he served as a member of the Highwater Liberation Group and fought the UNSC forces attempting to retake the planet. Following his father's death by bombardment by the UNSC Capitol, he deserted from the HLG and went on to become a smuggler for private sources. Now being in extreme poverty, he would eventually go on to commit war crimes as a way to earn faster money than smuggling.

Now wanted by both the HLG and the UNSC, Anderson lives within an unknown section of the galaxy onboard the Watershed. He occasionally will kill or work for other insurrectionist groups for pay and is currently on the ONI Most Wanted list.



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