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"It seems everybody just wants power nowadays. Now, what about me you might ask? I just want some money."

--Anderson to Thomas Harvey onboard the Watershed

Michael Joseph Anderson is the former captain of the insurrectionist ship, the Long Beach, smuggler, war criminal, and currently a mercenary. He was born on the outer colony of Highwater during the beginning of the Human Civil War to the war criminal Michael Anderson and his wife, Jane. Due to him being born on an outer colony, along with the fact that his father clearly hated the UNSC and the UEG, he grew to hate them as well.

During the Insurrection he served as a member of the Highwater Liberation Group and fought the UNSC forces attempting to retake the planet. Following his father's death by bombardment by the UNSC Capitol, he deserted from the HLG and went on to become a smuggler for private sources. Now being in extreme poverty, he would eventually go on to commit war crimes as a way to earn faster money than smuggling.

Now wanted by both the HLG and the UNSC, Anderson lives within an unknown section of the galaxy onboard the Watershed. He occasionally will kill or work for private contractors for high wages and is currently on the ONI Most Wanted list.


"Like Father, Like Son"

"Sometimes my father would take me to the town square and make me watch as a screaming captured UNSC Serviceman be torn in half. Every weekend it was like that. Perhaps you could say it hardened me. Funny thing is, watching that same seen every single week made me hate the UNSC even more than it did my own people. Aw hell, I didn't even understand what we were doing."

--Anderson on his childhood

Michael Joseph Anderson was born on the small outer colony of Highwater in the city of Boone. His father was an alcoholic ex-insurrectionist and his mother was nothing more than a housewife. Due to his father's war criminal status, they would constantly move from city to city. Sometimes they would have no where to run and would end up in Nomad's Rest an almost empty town in which executions of UNSC Servicemen would occur. This would be his home for the rest of his childhood and well into his early twenties. Living in a small, run down house that's roof was half-caved in

During the week his parents would allow him to run around and play with the other school children, but during the weekends he would experience something darker. His father would drag him out of his bed and into the town square. Here, he would watch as two insurrectionists would ride into the square on Warthogs carrying a captured UNSC serviceman. He would watch as they would be tied onto two seperate boards covered in nails. They would hook the winches to each of the boards and drive off, tearing the poor soldier in half. All he and his father did would laugh.

When he turned the age of thirteen, he was enlisted into the Nomad's Rest Minor's Army. He was trained at Fort Ashton along with adult recruits and within four years he was able to graduate from boot camp and the academy. Upon returning home from Ashton, he was greeted with nothing but praise. This praise was one of the only times he ever felt love. His father had also went out of his way to pay for his very own