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Marine Assault Unit are the joint smallest Marine formation, being mounted in Heimdall-class Frigates and Thor-class Cruisers.

Ground Combat Element

The GCE consists of an reduced infantry battalion with 3 companys reinforced, a combat engineer platoon, a tank platoon with 4 M820A Scorpion Main Battle Tanks, a reconnaissance platoon and a light recon platoon with Warthog and Mongoose vehicles

Air Combat Element

The ACE consists of a light VTOL attack squadron with 12 MV-14F Super Hornets, and a air/starlift squadron of 6 D-79I Pelican and a support squadron of 2 MD-79L Gannet dropships.

Logistic Combat Element

The logistic element consists of a platoon sized force who can issue logistics command and control orders to ACE and GCE forces.

Command Element

The Command element provides command, intelligence gathering, electronic warfare and defence, a ANGLICO unit of a single Fire Control Team and communications unit.

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