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Class overview

Mako-class corvette


Reyes-McLees Corporation


UNSC navy2 UNSC Navy
New CMA CMA Navy (formerly)
Rebel-Insurrectionist symbol URF

Succeeded by

Gladius-class heavy corvette


228 (2526)

General characteristics

Picket corvette


150 metres (492 ft)


46 metres (150 ft)


51 metres (167 ft)


21,150 metric tons

Engine unit(s)
Slipspace Drive

0KB Karman 13A SFTE

Slipspace velocity

2.6 lightyears/day

Power plant
  • Hanley-Messer's Mark II/d DFRs (1) (Pre-2525 refit)
  • Series-IX Red Dwarf fusion reactors (2) (Post-2525 refit)
Sensor systems
  • 24RSS LIDAR/RADAR arrays
Navigation system
  • Manual piloting
  • UNA-uplinked navigation computer

Initial Armament:

2525 refit:


Standard configuration:

Planetary support configuration (After 2525 refit):

Carrier configuration (After 2525 refit):


38 sailors

Minimum crew
  • Fully stocked: 3 months
  • Emergency supplies: 4 days
Additional information
  • Anti-fighter support
  • Planetary/system control
  • Escort
  • Interdiction
  • Defence
  • Patrol
"She's the absolute lowest you could go on a warship. Her reactor's always running low on fuel at the worst moments, she starts choking when we push her a little too hard, and that damn starboard coupling keeps breaking loose on us. But at the same time, I can't help but feel like she was a good ship. I can't quite put my finger on why..."
―Retired sailor Iseul Jo.

The Mako-class light corvette (hull classification symbol: FS) is a classification of light warships that were formerly utilised by the UNSC. Manufactured by the Reyes-McLees Corporation in an effort to break into the military production market, the Mako is a lightweight vessel that is marketed towards colonial defence fleets. A generalist vessel, the corvette is intended for all colonial defence and border-patrol operations, from buoy tending and import checks to deep-space rescue and pirate deterrence. While it was smallest ship of it's day to be outfitted with a reliable slipspace drive and features an unusually-sturdy frame for it's size, the Mako's modest weapon count ensures that these warships must be deployed in groups to take down threatening opponents.

First introduced in 2494 during the birthing years of the Insurrection, the Mako would find success in government navies as the civil war expanded in scope. Deployed in groups of three or in support of a larger ship, the corvettes would participate in major anti-piracy and counter-terrorism operations, with its capabilities leading to many UNSC crewmen enjoying their service aboard them. However, dozens if not hundreds of Makos would find themselves hijacked by rebel boarding parties, with their effectiveness ironically being used to escalate the war. As they were extensively used by prominent organisations such as the rebels of Eridanus II, the Free Commonwealth of Falkirk and the Wealthian insurrectionists, they became far better known as a rebel ship. In response, the UNSC Navy would phase out the Mako in favour of larger frigates, stationing them further away from conflict zones. Production would slow until finally its plaguing issues would lead to the UNSC scheduling the entire class' decommission by 2529.

Fortunately, the corvettes would escape this fate upon the discovery of the Covenant, which forced the UNSC to utilise every available ship in its war for survival. Pressed as a stop-gap solution against their swarms of strikecraft, the Mako would exceed all expectations by gunning down entire squadrons of SX-class Seraphs in moments. Surprised by the ability of such an old ship, a new modernised block would be ordered by the UNSC optimised specifically for anti-fighter operations. They would serve in many battles of the Human-Covenant War, from Battle of Biko all the way up to the Battle for Earth. While serving faithfully in the war, they would fail to make a difference, and production would stop after 2542 in favour of addition Stalwart-class light frigates instead. Only some stubborn independent shipyards would continue building the corvettes, and they found use in private fleets long after official support was cut.







Armour and Superstructural Supports






Operational History

Ships of the Line

Name Hull Classification Symbol Commissioned Destroyed Notes
UNSC Mako FS-427 October 17th, 2501 July 8, 2509 Lead ship of the class, hijacked by Insurrectionists, destroyed in combat.
CMA Nomad FS-919 February 6, 2506 August 2523 Hijacked by Alerian Insurrectionists, destroyed by the UNSC Kepler's Journey within the Elduros system.
UNSC Pony Express FS-889 April 8, 2546 The fastest ship in the entire UNSC fleet by 2552.


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