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About Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001, and Lordofmonsterisland.

Did You Know

Did you know...

Writer of the Year 2019: UnggoyZealot

Winner of the 2019 Best Concept/Heroic Article award.

"This baby has so many canon breaches in it, you'll never know what official lore is again."

Behold the noobiest of them all! I've been around these parts for about two years now, and am an active member of the community! If you find my name too long, you can call me UZ for short. If you wanna hear me stop blabbering and look at my stuff <insert name here>, then get on with it, and go to my Organizer and Sandbox. My sole work that I'm really proud of is my Sangheili character Grono 'Yendam. I've met some pretty cool people here during my year, and I'd recommend you to join so you can meet 'em too! (If you haven't already joined. :P) Moving that aside, I've got two plasma grenades, so who wants hugs?

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Previous recipients: Distant Tide (2018) • S-D379 (2017) • Sev40 (2016) • Minuteman 2492 (2015) • Brodie-001 (2014)

Mythic Article of the Year: Halo: Heaven and Earth by Actene

As rain pours down upon a city rooftop, they clash. Two figures clad in near-identical armor, their faces hidden behind broad-visored helmets, trade blows through the drenched night air. The crunch and thud of armor striking armor reverberates across the roof and down into the foggy streets below. Each fighter tears into the other with every ounce of their strength. Nothing is held back. They punch and kick, grapple and throw. Each time one of the combatants falls they rise from the rain-slicked rooftop to throw themselves back into the battle with even greater ferocity.

Each sees the other’s attacks before they come. They know every move, every form, down to the slightest twitch. They’ve sparred countless times, teaching each other techniques, learning together until they know the other’s moves better than they know their own. They’ve sparred, but never fought.

Not like this.

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Legendary Article: Cody-B042 • Heroic Article: Halo: Warhunt

Good Articles: Tyler-A319

Commander Tyler-A319, born Tyler Raymond, also known as Codename: AUGUSTUS and GAUNTLET One was a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Special Warfare Command. Born on July 8, 2524 on the relatively important planet of Deston, Tyler's life changed when the Covenant attacked the planet. Although the UNSC managed to defeat the Covenant, Tyler lost both of his parents, and was one of the survivors of his city. ONI, who had been keeping a record of him since the evacuation, secretly approached and recruited him in the SPARTAN-III Program, Alpha Company. He was taken to the planet Onyx where he trained for years before undergoing augmentations and becoming a super-soldier.

However, Tyler was soon after a few missions removed from the Company, since he already was significantly superior to other kids of his age before his recruitment, and thus possessed the required genes to fully benefit from the augmentations. Tyler and many other such removed candidates were divided into teams and given the MJOLNIR armor, the armor used by the SPARTAN-IIs which Tyler and the others gained the ability to wear after the augmentations. Tyler was assigned as the leader of GAUNTLET Team.

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Fanon of the Month — May 2020: KSM1 Jabber
KSM1 Militia Tank

The KSM1 Jabber (officially KSM1 MBT within the Sironan Militia and M471 MBT across the UNSC) is a main battle tank primarily utilized by the Sironan Militia, though it has also seen limited service within the UNSC Marine Corps and UNSC Army and a handful have fallen into the hands of various Insurrectionist cells. Smaller and less powerfully armed but faster and with theoretically higher levels of protection than the M808 line of Scorpion tanks, the KSM1 MBT line was developed by Kovac and Sons Motor Company to specifically face the perceived threats presented by the Covenant while remaining significantly cheaper than its counterpart to fit within the budgetary needs of the Militia.

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