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About Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001, and Lordofmonsterisland.

Did You Know

Did you know...

  • ...that Jez 'Varum was kicked out of the Covenant Empire after being falsely accused of being with the heretics?
  • ...that the Battle of Second Sanctum was an unsanctioned military operation meant to take revenge on the Covenant after the Fall of Reach?
  • ...that UNSC Leander single-handedly evacuated almost 50,000 civilians from Tribute?
  • ...that the Type-51 DEW/I was originally considered heretical by the Prophets, until records were altered by Ascetic rebels?
  • ...Fell Justice houses the galaxy's Grand Temple of Jediism in one of its northern rainforests?

Writer of the Year 2020: ThePeteFiles

Samuel-B256 2559.png
Winner of the 2020 Best Spartan/Mythic Article award.

I'm ThePeteFiles, also known as TPF, who is a writer for Halo Fanon. The primary focus of my content is through a SPARTAN-III named Samuel-B256 amongst other characters. If you have any questions, drop a message on my Talk Page or ping me on HF's Discord.

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Previous recipients: UnggoyZealot (2019) • Distant Tide (2018) • S-D379 (2017) • Sev40 (2016) • Minuteman 2492 (2015)

Mythic Article of the Year: Samuel-B256 (TPF) by ThePeteFiles

Samuel-B256 2559.png

"An intelligence specialist who spent time with the Headhunters and a non-company team during the Human-Covenant War. Now a lead petty officer who takes on some of the most dangerous missions ONI has to offer."
―Vilda Stenbeck on Samuel-B256.

Petty Officer First Class Samuel-B256 is a SPARTAN-III who works for the UNSC Navy and Office of Naval Intelligence. Conscripted into Beta Company, Samuel became a Headhunter who completed missions for the Beta-5 Division against Insurrectionists and Covenant targets in the Human-Covenant War.

Leading Team Specter throughout the Human-Covenant War, Samuel and Mathilda-B080 conducted operations till 2549. Following the death of Samuel's Headhunter partner, he reassigned to a non-company team named Red Team under the command of Oriana-A058 till the end of the war.

Reassigned to ONI during the Post-Covenant War conflicts, Samuel rejoined the Headhunters as a LONEWOLF operative. He conducted tours for the Beta-5 Division on Covenant remnants and other targets assigned to him. In 2557, Samuel was asked by Oriana to join a team she was creating named Team Osage to conduct missions for ONI.

Not like this.

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Legendary Article: M874 Armored Troop Transport • Heroic Article: Fireteam Caliber

Good Articles: Jackson-A104

Jackson Johnson.png
SCPO Jackson Johnson is a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three and later, the Office of Naval Intelligence and the Interspecies Union. He fought alongside Valor Team with the callsign Valor Four in numerous operations including the Fall of Reach. He is the son of Thaddeus H. Johnson and Aimee Talbot and is the nephew of Sergeant Major Avery Johnson. Jackson grew up on Luxor, Eridanus II alongside Emile-A239 and was abducted at the age of 7 in 2530 for the SPARTAN-III program.

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Fanon of the Month — December 2020: Emma Sówka


"A tragedy is not when a person has nothing left to lose, but when they long to regain everything they lost."
―Abigail Mattrah, Insurrections of the Human Spirit: Memories of Mamore, 2519.

Emma Sówka is a UNSC Army rifleman and fireteam leader that fought during the closing months of the Human-Covenant War. Barely surviving the Fall of Reach, she arrived on Earth via civilian passenger ship turned evacuation ferry. With her future and life crumbled to pieces, she rushed to the nearest UNSC recruiting center. By faking her age through use of deception, luck, and darkly embellished outside intervention, Emma would become one of the youngest civilians to join the military, being only fifteen at the time of her enlistment.

As the only child and daughter of two former Project ORION operators, Emma was subjected to a number of inconspicuous medications during infancy allegedly lending to her physiology being augmented and enhanced in a similar vein to her parents, albeit not as advanced. This prescribed Emma with a number of biological, physical, and neurological enhancements granting her the ability to achieve and perform at a higher level than average humans.

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