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Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001 and Distant Tide.

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Writer of the Year 2021: Spartan-D042

Winner of the 2021 Red Legion of Honour award.

Remarks about Spartan-D042 from our Community:

  1. D042 has really come into his own of late. Between the generous use of his talents crafting custom images for site characters, his quality writing, and healthy collaboration work, D042 is a relentlessly positive force within our community. Actene: Heaven and Earth
  2. Long deserved for D042, his efforts have not gone unnoticed and it's time for him to be recognized as best writer. ThePeteFiles (talk) 19:12, 21 December 2021 (UTC)
  3. I swear that he should've gotten this award years ago, but I guess it's better late than never. UnggoyZealot
  4. D042 is a long-standing and well-respected community member whose work has improved exponentially over the years on HF, consistently providing great articles to the site and advice to his fellow users. Honestly I'm surprised he hasn't won this award already. Brodie-001: Here to help
  5. Short stories, a continuation of his novel, activity on the discord to help the rest of the community with his custom images and general questions or concerns, and a few characters and collaborations, I really see D042 as deserving this. Timothy Emeigh 06:00, 2021-12-28

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Previous recipients: ThePeteFiles (2020) • UnggoyZealot (2019) • Distant Tide (2018) • S-D379 (2017) • Sev40 (2016)

Mythic Article of the Year: Halo: Heaven and Earth/Book Three: Heaven and Earth by Actene

Heaven and earth crawl.png
Chapter Forty-Six: Legacy

A cool breeze slipped through the open window. The window had been open for some time—the apartment’s sole occupant could not remember when he’d opened it—and the assorted smells from the streets outside filled the room with an unpleasant odor. Still, the old man made no move to close the window. He didn’t mind the smell and the warmth of late afternoon’s dwindling sunbeams felt good on his face.

Tobias Lensky sat at his dining table and turned the pages of a large book over in his hands. His eyes scanned the words before him but his mind was elsewhere. A datapad across the table—a parting gift from Tom Spender—brought news of the surging events engulfing the galaxy. Shinsu ‘Refum was on the move, his fleet gathering strength with each passing day. The Created tightened their hold on the Inner Colonies and more Covenant worlds pledged fealty to the Mantle of Responsibility with each passing day. Grand decisions were being made and for once Tobias had no part in them. At one time he’d been a colossus, head of the Syndicate, wealthiest man in the galaxy, ONI’s favorite informant and party to secrets most people could only dream of. Now he was an old, shrunken man wasting away in this grubby apartment. Time had passed him by.

He sighed and looked to the empty room behind him. Simon Onegin had lain in that room. How long since Ryder’s last visit? How long since Tobias’s son had seized a new lease on life? Simon Venter he was calling himself now, according to Spender’s report. The thought brought a smile to Tobias’s wrinkled face. Always full of surprises, that one. Just like his father. He’d go far in this new galaxy, no question about that.

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Legendary Article: Bodark-B076 • Heroic Article: Halo: Stolen Gauntlet

Good Articles: Ushran 'Sojam

Of simple birth, Ushran 'Sojam (Oracle Code S5-T2344) is a renowned Sangheili who fought during the War of Righteous Cleansing and the Necros War. Ushran was born just before the War of Righteous Cleansing began and fought in many campaigns throughout the conflict, including the Outer Colony Cleansings, the Siege of Paris IV, and led his legion in the Battle of Reach. After the Great Schism, Ushran defected to the Covenant Separatists with the goal of overthrowing the San 'Shyumm and the Sangheili's usurpers, the Jiralhanae.. Ushran led his legion against the Jiralhanae at many battles, and was part of the invasion force prepared to conquer the Jiralhanae homeworld of Doisac. After reconnecting with his loved ones ones on Sangheilios, Ushran was elected to lead his clan as their Kaidon.

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Fanon of the Month — October 2021: OPERATION: OCTOBER


"You are accused of high treason and anti-UEG activity, this tribunal finds you guilty and sentences you to be shot"
―OPERATION: OCTOBER archives, 23/1456 keyword matches

OPERATION: OCTOBER known within ONI as ‘the bad years’ was an extensive internal investigation conducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence in late 2556, soon after the ascension of Serin Osman to the position of Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence . It was the prevailing belief among a number of ONI officers and bureaucrats that the post-war atmosphere would necessitate a radical change in the organization if it was to maintain its power, these officers had grown worried that peacetime investigations into their activities, such as the one attempted by Benjamin Giraud, would inevitably reveal the various secrets of the organization and urged the sacking or demotion of those responsible for various classified wartime projects. When Osman refused, these officers and agents enacted OPERATION: OCTOBER, an effort to jail or execute ONI officers involved in morally dubious acts.

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