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About Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001, and Lordofmonsterisland.

Did You Know

Did you know...

  • ...that Tyler-A319 was regarded as one of the best Spartan sharpshooters, also considered to be on par with Jun-A266?
  • ...that during Operation: FINAL THORN, the elusive pirate prince Mak Kur was lured into an ambush by Blackjack Company then annihilated en-mass by 16th Fleet?
  • ...that in the Shake-Down cruise of the UNSC Heimdall, it destroyed four Covenant warships, all of a heavier tonnage?
  • ...that the M780 SPMG is affectionately known as the 'Growler' for the sound it produces when firing?
  • ...that Forerunner machines partially re-terraformed Schönheit nine years after it was glassed?

Writer of the Year 2018: Distant Tide
Merlin Boyd Snapshot 4

Winner of the 2018 Best SPARTAN/Mythic Article, Best Concept/Legendary Article, Best Technology award.

"I'll be honest, when some guy showed up for Status Quo trying to orbital drop in some boats, I had my concerns..."
Spartan-D042 describing his first encounters with Distant Tide. (Annual Award Voting, 2017)

Distant Tide, often known as simply Tide, is a member of the Halo Fanon community who made his presence known in mid-2017. Following an agonizing college-examination week, Distant Tide spontaneously came up with the idea for the 21st Century AR-15 being transferred over to the 26th Century, and thus, the Colt Blaster HDW Mk.15 was born and became his first article on Halo Fanon. While the article was not well received at first, it grew on many people and has come to define Tide's presence in the community as an unorthodox-topic writer.

Before coming to Halo Fanon, Distant Tide was a frequent presence on Fanfiction.Net and took part as moderators for several RP servers and was a semi-respectable writer in his own fandoms. Much of his current writing style was formed through his life experiences and consumption of media from a young age. Distant Tide is a relatively big fan of anime and nerd culture. He enjoys movies, video games, comics, etc. Much of his actual Halo writing is inspired by his family's military history, modern and historical politics, the popular literary fiction he has consumed, and anime. A lot of anime.

On Halo Fanon, Distant Tide's main focus is on the characters Merlin-D032 and Andra-D054 of SPARTAN-III Delta Company and their relationship with each other and the Galaxy at large. Outside Halo Fanon and Fanfiction, Distant Tide is also a frequent traveler. He enjoys swimming, drawing, video games, and writing as hobbies. His unofficial title is Halo Fanon's "Welcome Wagon" for his active presence in trying to work with and retain newer users.

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Previous recipients: S-D379 (2017) • Sev40 (2016) • Minuteman 2492 (2015) • Brodie-001 (2014) • Stellar Elite (2013)

Mythic Article of the Year: Andra-D054 by Distant Tide
DT Andra Profile
"In a cold galaxy like this one, the only steady thing we have is family."
Andra-D054, following the dissolution of Ferret Team Boson.

Andra-D054, also known as Andra Kearsarge by personal preference, is a SPARTAN-III commando who trained with the illicit Delta Company, the significant other of Merlin-D032, and Joshua-G024's protege. The resident sharpshooter and bomb technician for Ferret Team Boson, she earned herself many monikers for her reputation as a frustrating student and unorthodox combatant.

Raised by her ONI-employed father on Sigma Octanus IV, Andra's childhood was innocent until her mother's death fighting in the Covenant War. Consumed by grief, her father spiraled into a period of abusive drunkenness that ended in suicide. Proving too emotionally-volatile for adoption, Andra was recruited by the Office of Naval Intelligence for the SPARTAN-III program.

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Legendary Article: The Silent Garden • Heroic Article: Grono 'Yendam

Good Articles: Keiichi-047 (WikiReaper)

Senior Chief Petty Officer Keiichi-047 (born Keiichi Andrié on June 22nd, 2511) was a Tier Zero special warfare operator of the UNSC NAVSPECWARCOM (SPARTAN) that participated in multiple war theatres throughout the Human-Covenant War, ranging from the war-torn of Jericho VII, the prolonged Harvest Campaign, streets of Kholo to deserts of Troy and the plains of Gamma Pavonis-VII. Known to be a habitual joker, Andrie would attempt to lighten the squad's situation with pleasant irony in any given operation.

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Fanon of the Month — May 2019: Bodark-B076
Bodark Manassas 1 (2)
"You will hear thunder and remember me, The sky will be the color of hard crimson, And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire."
―Anna Akhmatova

Bodark-B076 is a SPARTAN-III supersoldier formerly part of Beta Company who fought During the Human-Covenant War and after in the Post War years.

During the War, Bodark was selected from among the best of Beta prior to OPERATION: TORPEDO where most of Beta had perished. She was selected for the 'Cat-2' program and placed into PERUN Team, a Cat-2 team geared toward high speed, high value target elimination operations. Prior to the Fall of Reach, PERUN was sent on numerous missions targeting HVT's including individuals, infrastructure and military targets belonging to the Covenant and Insurrectionists.

In 2548 PERUN received a 'Smart' A.I named Shtorm. He became the team A.I for PERUN and would act as their main support and handler for the course of the War until 2555 when he was slated for final dispensation. When Reach was attacked PERUN was re-tasked from counter insurgency on Tribute and deployed planetside to support UNSC Forces on the ground.

During the Fall of Reach they saw action in the Battle of Szurdok Ridge alongside the main armored force. After the appearance of the Long Night of Solace they retreated from the area and to the city of Manassas when reports came in of Covenant forces building outside the city.

After the Battle of Manassas Bodark and PERUN were evacuated from Reach aboard the UNSC Sentinel, a Stalwart-class Frigate, to Earth. From there PERUN were supposed to be deployed on several sabotage and assassination missions against the Covenant. However prior to deploying the alarm was raised that the Covenant had found Earth. PERUN was deployed on numerous back to back operations in support of larger UNSC Operations in the Southern Asia, the Middle East and North African regions.

Following the end of the war and the establishment of Spartan Branch what remained of PERUN was absorbed into the Branch. However they were charged with conducting sabotage operations against Covenant Remnant Groups and force assessments from 2553-2556 however all these operation came to a halt with the Battle of Requiem in 2557 and the Attack on New Phoenix.

After New Phoenix, Each member of Perun were individually re-tasked, Bodark in particular was tasked with conducting vehicular warfare war games alongside Spartan IV's to train them for the upcoming Requiem Campaign. Prior to the Requiem Campaign she was issued a new 'Smart' A.I, Kadia. The two got along easily with Kadia's more laid back and fun personality helping Bodark with reigning in her anger issues. During the Requiem Campaign Bodark was attached to several armored groups.

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