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The WeeklyWeek 334: In Your Own Way
Prompt period: 9 July 2024 - 16 July 2024
Judge: Actene

The last two prompts have been fairly situational, so I'll keep this one simple. Demonstrate a character's flaw as they take another step toward their goals. Show how this flaw interferes and sabotages with their own progress towards whatever it is they want. However, to create a bit more depth to the scene, keep this self-reflective insight a secret from the character. Try to demonstrate the flaw and its consequences to the reader without being too obvious about it.

2000 words or less, with the usual 100 word margin of error.

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Random Good Article: Doug-103

Master Chief Petty Officer Douglas Baker-103, also known as simply Doug and known to some as CODENAME: BASTION, is a Class 1 SPARTAN-II. Born to Australians on Earth and later moving to Reach, like all SPARTAN-IIs he was ripped from his family and conscripted into the program. During his training as a young SPARTAN, he discovered he had an affinity for heavier weapons, such as heavy machine guns and was exceptionally adept at sabotaging enemy equipment and vehicles.

When he was deployed, he found himself fighting against the Insurrection before being brought over to fight in the Human-Covenant War. He is one of the few known SPARTAN-IIs to have survived the war. Doug was known to be a sentimental and protective Spartan while at the same time being quite open and frequently cracking jokes, sometimes in the middle of enemy fire. Despite his eccentricities, he again and again shows himself to be one of the best at his profession.

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Fanon of the Month — June 2024: Tuka 'Refum

Tuka 'Refum was a Sangheili warrior who served in Jul ‘Mdama’s Covenant splinter group. As a child Tuka survived his clan's purge following Sesa ‘Refumee’s heretical rebellion. In the turbulent years following the Great Schism he was raised by Shinsu 'Refum, his brother and sole surviving family member. Tuka later separated from his brother and was conscripted into Jul ‘Mdama’s growing Covenant. Tuka fought as a loyal warrior in ‘Mdama’s ranks until a fateful encounter with the fugitive Spartans Simon-G294 and Cassandra-G006 led him on a spiritual pilgrimage to discern the gods’ true intentions for the Sangheili. Tuka questioned Jul ‘Mdama’s true intentions and was condemned to the Kru'desh Legion, a penal unit of disgraced warriors frequently dispatched on suicide missions. Tuka’s alliance and unlikely friendship with Simon-G294 helped the treacherous Spartan win Jul ‘Mdama’s good graces. Tuka helped “Stray” reform the Kru’desh into a formidable raiding legion and later fought with distinction during the Created Conflict. He perished during the Battle of Archangel's Rest, killed defending the human who had become both his commander and best friend.

Previous featured articles: Halo: Warborn/Book OneCamp CurraheeJace-G282

Mythic Article of the Year: UNSC Eidolon by Ajax 013, Distant Tide and ThePeteFiles.
"ONI wanted a ship intended to facilitate their most clandestine missions, missions far from prying eyes, never to be known to the public. Fate has a sense of humour, and she had a very different plan in mind for the Eidolon."
―Quote from the memoirs of Fleet Admiral Galia Meir

The UNSC Eidolon was a UNSC warship that saw service at the end of the Human-Covenant War, and beyond. Modified heavily by the Office of Naval Intelligence, she was used to support the UNSC's growing need for a long range, special forces support vessel. Despite her originally designed role, she would go on to partake in a number of operations, with her honours including supporting the Radio Beacon Deployment Program, delivering a strategic nuclear weapon for a retaliatory strike, and fighting in the siege of the Solar system itself.

The Eidolon would go on to carve out an important legacy in the post-war period, supporting the UNSC's efforts against the myriad threats to their survival, and becoming a focal point of resistance during the Created Conflict. The legacy of the Eidolon left a permanent mark on the UNSC's doctrine in both naval service and as a commando ship.

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Legendary Article: SPARTAN-B240 • Heroic Article: Daniel Contreras

Writer of the Year 2023: Delta Pistol
DeltaPistol User Image

Winner of the 2023 Legendary Article, Heroic Article, Best SPARTAN, Best UNSC Personnel award(s).

Remarks about Delta Pistol from our Community:

  1. <Death to Heroes>[The Damned] [The Lost][The Forgotten]|Deus Ex Ajax
  2. henlo, DP has done a lot this year in regards of picking up Hunters of Orion and writing out character articles. He has been relentless in pumping out content onto the site that is not only in sheer quantity, but also quality. His efforts to produce stories, receive feedback, and help out other users has propelled him into the spotlight as a respected member among our community. All in all, DP's had a successful year as a writer and I think his hard-work has paid off. Being awarded Writer of the Year would be a worthwhile achievement after the culmination of efforts throughout his time on the site. Has my vote. ThePeteFiles (talk) 22:16, 16 December 2023 (UTC)
  3. Delta Pistol has consistently produced and high-quality articles that he continues to improve on a regular basis. He's done a lot of good ework on the site and I definitely think he deserves the award this year. Brodie-001: Finished the fight
  4. Best Writer this year? Wow. Too hard to choose! All three have done tremendous work this year in their own bubbles and areas of expansion - Falk's ships, August's early UNSC (and even a throwback to the UNSA days) expansions, and Delta's characters. Delta wins out the others, in my opinion, simply due to his diversity in what he's developed this year. Several Spartan articles, multiple short stories, a novel, other UNSC characters - it's practically unending. Despite the great amount of respect and compliments I have for the other nominees, ultimately it was a tough choice, but Delta has received my vote. - TheAussie1417
  5. Not a lot left for me to say but I've got to agree with everything said above. Delta has been a constant presence on the site churning out articles with great quality while also dedicating time to his novel Hunters of Orion. It's a tough category but ultimately I've decided to vote for Delta. Creatures of my dreams Eraicon AA Raise up and dance with me
  6. DemonsofHope »Anonymous ONI agent« [COMMS] [SERVICE RECORD]

Previous recipients: Timothy Emeigh (2022) • Spartan-D042 (2021) • ThePeteFiles (2020) • UnggoyZealot (2019) • Distant Tide (2018)

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