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Production information

Main Battle Tank

Technical specifications

10 meters


65.9 tons

Engine Power

12 cylinder engines generating 1500 HP.


Heavy duty Ceramic armour supported by kinetic energy absorbing laminates and heat absorbing defensive layers

  • 100mm High Velocity Cannon
  • co axial HMG
  • HMG turret
  • Driver/operator
  • Gunner
  • Secondary Gunner
  • Anti Vehicle Platform

Necros War


Vorenus Imperium


The Main Battle Tank-III Predator is a Vorenus Imperium armoured fighting vehicle, their main line battle tank. It is the main battle tank of the Vorenus military, being a fast and destructive vehicle. Primarily a contender with the M808G Scorpion Main Battle Tank and the Type-89 Main Battle Tank, it features a incredibly conventional layout with two sets of tracks, a sloped hull, sloped turret holding a main gun with a co axial Heavy Machinegun and a turreted HMG on top. Unlike the Scorpion is uses a seperate crewman to man the turret, with both the gunner and the secondary gunner/commander being housed in the turret. The tank has preformed admirably in combat, with it providing a keen destructive power and felxibility to the Vorenus Military. The sloped armour on both the turret, hull and flanks optimise its already heavy armour. It has extra stowage on the rear of the turret which is somewhat vulnerable to enemy fire to is stashed with none vital and none explosive cargo.

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