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Maelstrom-class assault carrier
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United Nations Space Command

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Orion-class (2506)



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Assault carrier

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Colonial Era


The Maelstrom-class assault carriers were introduced in 2401 as the United Nations Space Command's premier rapid-deployment warship. While the UNSC had build assault carriers before, as far back as the 2160s, the Maelstrom-class was the first to capable of interstellar travel. When the UNSC Maelstrom departed Earth for the Epsilon Eridani system, it marked the first deployment of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers outside of the Sol system.

  • UNSC Maelstrom
  • UNSC Windstorm
  • UNSC Zhukov


The Windstorm-class assault carriers entered service 2407, the result of modifying the Maelstrom-class for higher capacity and faster deployment of ODSTs.


The Zhukov-class armored assault carriers entered service in 2429, too late to see action during the Inner Colony Wars; they would instead make their mark during the Insurrection and Human-Covenant War. A dozen armored assault carriers were completed. The Zhukov-class was intended for hotly contested orbital deployments.

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