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Nuclear Weapon

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  • Forerunner Civil War
  • Forerunner-Flood War
  • Necros War



UNSC Admiral: "Why did they name it MIDAS?"
UNSC Scientist: "Because everything it touches turns to gold"
―Anonymous UNSC Admiral and Scientist discussing the MIDAS Bomb's name

The MIDAS Bomb is a mass produced Forerunner weapon of mass destruction, filling a position not unlike Nuclear Missile in the UNSC arsenal. The weapon was used as tactical scorched earth weapons, destroying terrain to deny the enemy it's advantage or destroying enemy troop concentrations. First used by the Nro'th Alliance during the Forerunner Civil War, these weapons became the Forerunner's standard weapon of mass destruction.

The weapon uses a nuclear reaction to jump start a energy absorbing reaction that will immediately sustain itself and grow in effect by absorbing any energy in the surrounding environment by literally 'atom smashing' and gains energy from destroyed molecular bonds. It expands as a 'golden orb', vapourizing everything encompassed in the explosion. This continues until the carefully sustained core collapses, at which point the reaction ends along with the weapons effect. The construction of the core, and consequently how long it can sustain the explosion, is used to sort the 'yield' of the bomb. The weapon triumphs over nuclear weapons because it produces no radiation, no EMP after effect and increased effectiveness.

MIDAS Bombs were stockpiled prior to the Forerunner-Flood war and during that conflict, almost the entire arsenal was used during the war, by both sides. Today, few examples exist, most in the hands of The Guardians as a 'last resort' combat weapon. The technology needed to make them has long since been lost, so The Guardians can only maintain the 100 varied payloads that they have.

Rumours amongst frontline combat soldiers along the Iris Combat Theatre is that The Enclave also have MIDAS-type weapons, though its unknown if they have successfully reverse engineered a discovered warhead, discovered the lost technology or developed it themselves.

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