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M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade
Production information


Technical specifications
  • kill radius of 9 meters, casualty radius of 15
  • throwing range of 35 meters

Necros War




The M9 Dual Purpose/High Explosive Grenade is the latest version of the venerable M9 grenade, used since the Insurrection.


The Fragmentation Grenade remains mainly the same, aside from the use of new explosives and materials. The forged fragmentation casing uses a double layer of steel and EXCALIBUR composite material, making it still fragment as effectively but with much deadlier results against armoured targets. Thanks to improved explosive filler the kill and casualty radius is larger than its predecessor. It's fragmentation is so effective it can shred light enemy vehicles. It uses a electronic 'pin' that once pressed arms the grenade, but does not activate the fuse. Once this button is released, the fuse ignites, producing the tell tale 'spark head' from the grenade, showing that the five second fuse is active. The grenade will then accurately countdown to detonation and ignite the ComL filler, filling the air with shrapnel. The grenade is extremely reliable, having a 0.02% chance of malfunctioning. Alternately, if the in is depressed twice in quick succession, it switches to impact activated mode, where an impact will activate the grenade's fuse and give it a 2 second countdown to detonation.


The M9 DP/HE is used by the UNSC Army, Marines, Air Force and in a few cases, the Navy, as a offensive grenade, intended to be used against entrenched enemy forces and in building clearance. The grenade is more than capable of tearing through modern shields and body armour, ensuring its effectiveness against well armoured infantry. The grenade can be detonated in vacuums, underwater and in high or low pressure environments, ensuring its continued use against enemy forces. The grenade is also more than capable of damaging vehicles, causing grievous damage to light vehicles, and still being capable of slowing down well armoured tanks.

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