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"If you like hunting vehicles, You'll love the LAAW!"
―Anonymous Marine

Production information

Light Anti Armour Weapon

Technical specifications
  • Weight
    • 2.9 kilograms
  • Length
    • 640mm (closed) 900mm (firing position)
Ammunition Type

Shogun Anti Tank Guided Weapon


200 metres-1000 meters


Necros War




The M899 LAAW is a light weight, shoulder fired, one shot missile launcher for engaging enemy vehicles at 1000 meters. The launcher is fully disposable and the missile is fire and forget, requiring only a lock on. The system consists of a watertight carbon-fibre composite blast tube with a aluminium launch tube inside it containing missile and guidance electronics.


The weapon is used primarily as an anti tank weapon, engaging armour intelligently, aiming for weak points. It can be set to launch as a unguided rocket, against stationary targets.


The weapon is cocked by unlatching the forward ring of the blast tube and pulling the inner launch tube forwards until it locks. Thermal sights and trigger assembly are flipped into position and the weapon is activated by pushing a charge button on the trigger grip. It acquires and tracks targets with a cooled infra-red image seeking in the missiles nose. It is cooled to operating temperature in 2 seconds and remains charged for twenty minutes. It feeds thermal images to the operators acquisition sight and from here can lock onto a target as long as it remains clearly in the sights. It launches a Shogun Anti Tank Guided Weapon 102mm missile that is infra-red guided. When targeting a tank it will go for the hottest part of the tank, usually the vulnerable and thin engine armour. When fired it heads at the target at maximum velocity then changes it's attack profile to best match it's target, usually diving straight up then straight down on the target. It has advance logic systems allowing it to identify decoys and reject them in favour of its main target. It features a two layered back blaster with a first layer of plastic slivers and second layer of water, reducing back blast to five meters, allowing harmless firing in confined spaces. The weapon can be fired unguided with back up scopes, with a effective range of 200 meters, for use against stationary targets.

The LAAW is usually equipped in small numbers in rifle platoons, though may be increased if they are expected to encounter large amounts of enemy armour. They are small and lightweight enough to be carried into combat by regular riflemen and simple enough to be employed by them with minimal training. The LAAW was also mass produced for Werewolf units, with inbuilt protection systems, to detonate the missile in case of tampering or electromagnetic pulse, preventing their capture by the Necros for study.

UNSC Comments

"The original warhead was a bitch to use. If the target was throwing out decoys or was partially obscured then it refused to lock. The new warhead is a dream to use."

"At Marcosa we started using these things as mortars on Scarabs, Funny as hell."

"It functions well against Wraiths by accident. It homes in on the hottest part, the mortar, which is pretty vulnerable to getting a hole blown in it."

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