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M78 Light Assault Weapon
Production information

Misriah Armouries


multirole rocket launcher

Technical specifications
  • length: 735mm
  • weight: 5.9kg
Magazine Size

encased rocket assembly

Ammunition Type

85 millimetre rockets


800 metres


United Nations Space Command


The M78 LAW (Light Assault Weapon) was a lightweight, shoulder-launched, multi-role, unguided rocket weapon used by the United Nations Space Command from 2561 onwards. Developed for and first fielded during the Human-Covenant War, the M78 LAW was intended to complement the heavier M41B MAW, using a smaller, unguided rocket instead of a guided missile. The M78 was designed as a lightweight, short range anti-armour weapon suitable for use by dismounted infantry. The LAW's unguided projectile actually proved effective against a range of targets including infantry, light armour and fortifications, though it lacked the power to deal significant damage to main battle tanks. The LAW consisted of a reusable launcher and guidance system and was an effective defensive weapon against armour out to ranges of over six hundred metres.

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