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"The M122, its a fine weapon, but just too long. Now the M739C, that is a good weapon. Its a carbine essentially, handles like one too!"
―UNSC Special Forces Operatives

Production information

Ultra Light Machine Gun

Technical specifications
  • Barrel
    • 294 mm
  • Weight
    • 4.6 kilograms
  • Length
    • 643mm with stock extended
    • 584mm with stock folded
Magazine Size
  • 72 round 'fast drum'
  • 150 round heavy drum
Fire Mode
  • Automatic
Ammunition Type

7.62x51mm M83 AP



Rate of Fire

1100 rounds per minute


510 metres (780 with scope)


1000 metres


Necros War




The M739C Squad Automatic Weapon is the UNSC's lightened LMG, giving units a lighter and adaptable light support weapon, when the M122 is too large and heavy. This allows squad based units to produce triple their normal amount of firepower against infantry targets. The weapon features a extremely light polymer body with heat-resistant metal alloy components, meaning the M739C requires neither mid-battle barrel changes nor maintenance, allowing for rapid, uninterrupted fire for long periods, though due to lack of thermal transfer systems and need for air cooling it does have to pause due to the firing mechanism heating up from heat run off and could potentially cook off the magazine, though the gun fits a inbuilt gauge linking to the operators HUD that allows them to halt before critical temperature is reached. It fits a receiver mounted Misriah Rail, a collapsible stock, two forward Misriah Rails and one under the barrel, allowing it to fit a secondary weapon.


The primary function is that of a LSW or SAW, providing covering or automatic fire for a unit, giving them adaptable and mobile firebases. The weapon is primarily used by members of the Special Operations Command, such as Commandos and ODSTs, and by airborne units inside the UNSC, that can ill afford the size or weight.


The weapon is an air cooled, gas operated, magazine, automatic weapon. The M739C uses the same gas operating system as the M122. The weapon is gas operated, utilizing short-stroke piston gas system, located below the barrel. The barrel is locked using rotary bolt with multiple radial lugs. When fired, the bolt travels down the receiver rather than backwards to absorb recoil and direct it away from the shooter. It is fed from detachable magazines only, including medium and heavy drums. Drum magazines are made mostly from plastic, with translucent wall which permits easy check of available ammunition. The weapon features a ambidextrous cartridge extractor, being able to eject the empty casings to the left or right via locking the dust flap on one side, though both can be opened. Firing controls include a pistol grip and a conventional rifle-type trigger grouping, with ambidextrous safety. The M122 fires from open bolt only in full automatic mode. It has fully adjustable and removable day/night iron sights. Underneath the iron sights is a ammunition gauge that measures the amount of ammunition in the magazine as a percentage rather than a defined number. Unlike its bigger brother, it doesn't possess cooling systems, but will lock the bolt when the optimal safe temperature is passed, shutting the weapon down until it has been adequately cooled.

The gun can be fitted with 72 round 'fast drum' or 150 round drums, though it can also accept magazines from the MA6A ICWS. The magazine is fixed in place by swinging a locking bolt fixed on the magazine, locking the magazine in place.

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