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M71 Mortar
Production information

M71 Mortar



Technical specifications
  • Length:841mm
  • Weight: 22.6 kilograms

70-300 meters, up to 2000 meters with specialized ammunition


Necros War




The M71 Mortar is a UNSC crew-served light artillery/infantry fire support weapon.


The M71 is a 60mm, gravity fired smooth bore mortar operated by three man teams in close proximty to the frontline, enabling them to give light artillery support to frontline units with secrecy, accuracy and power. The weapon consists of the mortar with a six shot revolver magazine, base plate and digitally operated bipod, providing accurate fire. The weapon is light enough to be carried and operated by a small team without the need for a motor carriage. It also contains an attached targeting suite with dataport link, allowing it to be connected via cable, wirelessly or via sat uplink to a plethora of battlefield systems, such as the cameras attached to forward soldiers, recon drones, recon vehicle's optical suites forward camera emplacements and military satellites. This, along with the day/night vision telescopic targeting sight with laser range finder mounted on the mortar allow it to pick out its targets and engage them accurately. The electronic fire control allows the mortar to automatically achieve multiple rounds, simultaneous impact (MRSI) on a designated area.

The entire system is connected to a 20 gigabyte data slate, allowing the commanding officer to review aerial, satellite and ground reconnaissance and the gunners targeting information, allowing the commander to designate the target and transmit it to the mortar controls, allowing him to control the target location, the choice of rounds fired first, fuse detonation and MRSI targets. Through the slate, the battery commander can designate multiple targets, and mortar support requests can be shown, allowing multiple mortars to be targeted against a single target by the commanding officer.

The weapon has a incredibly sturdy design, allowing it to fire all six rounds in six seconds without noticeably deviation in accuracy. The weapon is riddled with coolant tubes and the firing end is finned, allowing it cool faster. It also has a Blast Attenuation Device to protect the crew from the blast when firing.

UNSC Remarks

"Our Weapon Platoon was just bombarding the fuck outta that Remnant trench line for an hour straight. Kept up fire for ages, never laxed. We couldn't even figure out what was trenches and what was craters later on."

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