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M70 Flash Bang Grenade
Production information



Flash Bang Grenade

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • causes intense flash of light and a loud bang
  • results in temporary blindness, deafness, and disorientation, but no permanent damage.

Necros War




The M70 Flash Bang Grenade is a UNSC hand grenade, used by UNSC combat personnel and law enforcement, as a less-lethal weapon.


The M70 Flash-Bang Grenade works the in much the same way as other flash-bangs: it creates an extremely bright flash that disorients, blinds, and stuns the target, allowing the thrower to temporarily do as he please with his defenceless target. The flash-bang works best against organic and infra-red vision, particularly at night or in the dark, and its effectiveness against mechanical vision or cameras is severely limited.

The Flash-Bang's actual damage to targets is limited, making its useful for hostage situations, but not a recommended weapon for use against enemies who need to be killed. The flash of the grenade's detonation may occasionally start fires, so use around flammable substance is inadvisable.

The Flash Bang uses a magnesium based charge with a combustible polymer grenade body set in a skeletal steel frame. When the charge is detonated, it produces a intense flash and subsonic deflagration, producing a incapacitating shockwave. The effects of the grenade include immediate but temporary blindness, tinnitus, deafness and inner ear disturbance, resulting in loss of coordination, sight and balance. As a result, anybody exposed to it without ear and eye protectors and rendered incapacitated, making it ideal for capture situations, or environments with possible non-combatants.


The flashbang is used by the UNSC in all manner of situations, but particularly urban warfare. In situations where the presence of non-combatants cannot be confirmed and fragmentation grenades are too close to be used safely, flashbangs will be deployed instead, allowing rooms to be stormed more safely. It is commonly used in urban combat, bunker storming, boarding situations and hostage situations. The Flash bang has seen use with all elements of the UNSC, in both regular and special forces.

UNSC Comments

"During training one went off in my face, couldn't see for a week."

"Threw one into the room where intel said the hostages were. That thing had everybody lying on the floor by the time we rushed in, we didn't even have to fire our weapons."

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