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"The M66 LiMAR is a sound weapon. The backblast diffusers give it a kick but the launch flash is negligible and it creates a satisfying bang."
―PFC Marcel Williams

Production information
Technical specifications
  • Weight
    • 3.8 kilograms (unloaded), munition canisters weight between 4 and 7 kilograms
  • Length
    • 810mm (unloaded), 1350mm (loaded)
Ammunition Type

85mm HEAT


Rocket Propelled


400 meters


900 metres


Necros War




The M57 Light Multipurpose Assault Weapon is a medium, reloadable shoulder launched weapon. The launcher consists of a 81cm titanium alloy tube, trigger, foregrip, adjustable stock, folding, none-adjustable day/night iron sights and a fire control unit. The fire control unit (FCS) is a ballistic computer designed to allow the launcher to adapt to different rounds and battlefield conditions. The FCS utilises a hardened digital scope, capable of producing full colour images with a four times zoom and has a hybrid night vision/infra-red, wherein it uses a night vision system to observe the battlefield, then it can fuse this image with a thermal image, highlighting heat sources, such as infantry or vehicles. The ballistic computer is also tied to a LASER range finder/designator. The computer can be set to allow munitions to air burst, or predict a more accurate flight path through passive observation of meteorological and environmental conditions, allowing it to designate the best viable shot for the operator and adapt to engage different targets.


The M66 is used to augment heavier weapons, rather than pose as a replacement. It is used as lightweight alternative, preferable in urban combat situations. The weapon is light and portable enough to allow operators unhindered agility. The weapon, ammunition depending, is often used against light to medium structures, light armour, infantry formations, reinforced positions and strong points.


The M66 LiMAR is a hollow fibreglass tube with titanium allow reinforcement. The grips and stock fold in, to allow for ease of transport. The launch tube is fitted with self contained rocket canisters. These carry the rocket and its own independent back blast diffuser, using plastic slivers and salt water counter weight.

UNSC Comments

"Its low tech, but its a lot more useful than those new plasma anti tank doo-hickeys."

"I saw four of them rush outta the bushes at the edge of the park on the flank of alpha squad. They woulda been toast but we scattered the bits of those Necros suckers with a RPG."

"We saw it coming down the highway god knows how fast, one of their stupid Armoured cars with the armoured nose. We fired off a rocket, timed it well, penetrated its flank armour, put bits of it all over the highway!"

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