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M556 Airbursting Grenade launcher
Production information

Grenade launcher

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit

medium to high

Magazine Size

7 shells

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

25x40mm grenade


Gas System

Rate of Fire


  • pinpoint accurate to 600 metres
  • area accurate to 750 metres

1200 metres


United Nations Space Command


The M556 Counter Defilade Grenade Launcher is a UNSC infantry weapon frequently utilized to kill or injure hostile forces sheltered behind or in cover inaccessible by normal infantry weaponry (i.e. foxholes, trenches, concrete barriers). As its name suggests, it fires airbursting 25mm grenades, fused to explode above and slightly behind the target's position, a feature which makes it extremely effective when used against light-armoured infantry.


The M556 CDGL is a bullpup weapon and is made from a mixture of titanium alloy and polymer casing, giving a light, but tough weapon. The barrel is made from heat resistant carbonized metal, with a doppler cooling bank underneath the barrel. This cooling pack captures heat from the barrel and cools it via the doppler effect, leaving the barrel at near room temperature, also serving to double it against frost and cold. The carbon fibre insert provides heat resistance without compromising accuracy or velocity. The gun is fitted with a simple safe/fire beaver tail safety switch, giving ambidextrous control without removing a hand. The grenade launcher uses a reinforced gas reciprocation system to deal with the recoil involved in firing the weapon. When fired, the bolt travels down the receiver rather than backwards to absorb recoil and direct it away from the shooter.

The gun is fitted with four Misriah Rails, with one along the receiver, two on either side of the barrel and one underneath it. This allows the operator to fit combat sights, grips, flashlights and laser designators. However, without a Fire Control Sight, the weapon is only good as a direct fire system.

The Fire Control Unit gives the M556 point-accurate fusing on grenades, allowing the users to accurately detonate grenades at a predesignated range. The telescopic sight includes range finder, fusing settings and night vision capabilities, allowing the user to get the grenade to detonate anywhere, regardless of light conditions.

The gun has a number of cooling systems and anti-recoil systems, allowing the gun to be operated constantly and accurately. When fired, the bolt travels down the receiver rather than backwards to absorb recoil and direct it away from the shooter.


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The M556 fires a wide range of munitions: HE grenades, Thermite shells, incendiary rounds, concussion rounds, flare shells and HEAT shells, all of which, as previously mentioned, have the secondary feature of air bursting in conjunction with the fire control system.


The M556 is issued to at least one team in every squad, being used by the grenadier, though more may be issued should the need arise. The M556 CDGL is utilised when fighting enemy using plentiful 'hard' cover, such as rocks, reinforced buildings, barricades, parapets, bunkers, trenches etc. The M556 allows a squad to engage these positions from range and force the enemy out of them, allowing them to flush the enemy out of well defended positions without a costly storming manoeuvre.

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