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Barracuda RIB
Production information

UAE Naval Systems




rigid inflatable boat

Technical specifications

5 meters

Engine Power

Hydrogen outboard notor



  • Facility for tripods
  • Stealth Special Operations Boat

Necros War


United Nations Space Command


The M54 Barracuda is the UNSC's Rigid Inflatable Boat


Like all rigid inflatable boats, the UAE Naval systems Barracuda is a lightweight boat that is a combination of a conventional rigid hulled boat and an inflatable. A rigid inflatable boat such as the Barracuda has an inflatable rubber ring for sides and a rigid yet lightweight titanium alluminide bottom. The Barracuda carries an outboard hydrogen engine, which enables the Barracuda to both move quickly, but quite quietly. The Barracuda is usually used to silently transport squads of about six men across bodies of water, usually on night raids or other situations where use or a dropship of Whale-class Landing Craft would make too much noise. To further improve the stealth profile of the Barracuda, it is covered in a nanotech polymer coating that can change colour to match the environment around it. Though the Barracuda's rubber, plastic and alloy hull are ill suited for combat, the Barracuda does carry a defensive weapon, with three bolt holes for fitting a tripod, allowing it to fit a heavy weapon.

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The M54 Swordfish Rigid Inflatable Boat compared with other Necros War-era "wet" naval vessels and a UNSC Heimdall-class Space Frigate

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