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"Six of them went off, in sync. The western most wall of the citadel was blown clean off. Ka-boom."
―Anonymous UNSC Explosive Specialist

Production information

Demolition Charge

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Necros War




M379 Explosive Pack is a UNSC explosive charge, designed for demolition of structures of stationary materiel.


The M379, also known as the blast pack, is utilised by UNSC engineers, explosives experts and special forces to demolish enemy structures, such as tunnels, bunkers or hardened positions. The blast pack's versatility and hardened nature making it the preferred device for demolishing structures.


The blast pack is a self contained device, carrying both detonator and explosive payload, in a square shaped platform. The payload consists of a thermoplastic chamber that can carry varying payloads, such as the common C-14 Plastic Explosive or the more rarefied C-13 Gertex. Mounted on this is the detonator. The detonator consists of an arming handle and charge control. The detonator control is on the top right of the charge, and utilises a 12 number keypad and a fold out screen. Switched on by the shoulder bottom on the top left of the screen, the charge can be primed from here and set with a 4 digit detonation code. This computer has 2 fibre optic hardline ports, allowing it to be connected to other explosives or remote systems, or even other explosive charges for chained or simultaneously detonations. The computer is tamper proofed and booby trapped, so in the event somebody attempts to disarm the explosive, disconnect it, or shut it down, it will begin a manual count down. In the event of electromagnetic exposure, it releases a pin that closes a shielded circuit, detonating the explosive regardless. Once the computer is used to prime it, it is armed with the charging handle, located in the centre. Pulled from its alcove, it is turned 180 degrees then depressed, arming it.

Once primed and armed, it can be detonated by numerous methods. It can be detonated be remote radio or infra-red signalling. Thanks to it's meta-material antennae, radio detonation can be used at long range. It can also be set to a timed detonation, allowing several charges to be detonated simultaneously. It can also be detonated through War-Net linking. It features 4 electrostatic pads that allow it to attach to surfaces for long periods of time, but are kept insulated from the charge.

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