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M024 Grenade Launcher
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

1 round

Fire Mode

single shot

Ammunition Type

40mm grenades


electric ignition

Rate of Fire







Necros War




"It doesn’t pack the punch of SPNKr or the range of an RPG, but it is matchless when it comes to trucking that thing around in the dirt"
― Sgt. Jake Grimes

The M24 Underslung Grenade Launcher is a UNSC infantry weapons attachment designed to boost infantry firepower without the need for another weapon and excess weight or complexity it would require. Therefore it takes the form of a fairly compact weapon designed to fit underneath the barrel of a rifle on its accessory rail.


The M55c with an M24 grenade launcher and sling in the hands of a UNSC Serviceman

The M24 UGL is fairly small, given the size restrictions of its under barrel mounting location. The weapon operates on a simple double action only system to fire 40mm grenade, serving as a preventive measure against jams and misfires. The grenade launcher has its own grip with its trigger assembly.

The reload system is also fairly simple. The weapon’s barrel can be unlocked by depressing a small catch, allowing the operator to snap open the barrel sideways, allowing the spent grenade casing to be ejected and a fresh round inserted.


The M24 UGL is commonly issued to each fireteam in a platoon to the grenadier, increasing the firepower of the squad proportionally and giving them capability to engage light armour and infantry formations, in thick cover.

UNSC Remarks

“Small package, big firepower.”

“I’ve walked rounds down alleys with that thing and cleared whole buildings, window-to-window, and I can tell you, next to the MA6A that thing is a Marine’s best friend.”

“It gives the average rifle squad a mini-mortar of their own, gotta have one.”

“The lack of a trigger is a hassle when your main gun goes down, and using those sights can be awkward, but I haven’t been able to find anything else wrong with it."

UNSC Remarks

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