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"The moment this thing begins to chatter, you know a November Mike Foxtrot is filling his pants with robo-turds"
―Anonymous gunner
Production information

General Purpose Machine Gun

Technical specifications
  • Barrel
    • 731 mm
  • Weight
    • 6.1 kilograms
  • Length
    • 1200 mm
Magazine Size

150 rounds

Fire Mode
  • Automatic
  • Burst
Ammunition Type



electric pulse

Rate of Fire

9000 rounds per minute


790 metres (1100 with scope)


1530 metres


Necros War




The M389B GPMG, known as the 'gimpy' among troops, is the UNSC's standard universal machine gun, suited to both use with a tripod and bipod. The weapon is made from super light polymer matter, greatly reducing its otherwise considerable weight, allowing a number of systems to be added. It sports a ultramodern on-board stabiliser, allowing sustained firing from the hip, or any other position, without a large loss of accuracy and a heat reduction system, super cooling the barrel.


The M389B GPMG is a universal machine gun, allowing it to be used for both offensive and defensive situations. Offensively, it provides the perfect squad support weapon, able to lay a withering hail of fire upon defenders. For defensive purposes, the bipod and or tripod fittings greatly increase its usability. These provide a stable platform for firing, along long, sustained fire while remaining near 90% accuracy. The Tripod is adjustable, allowing it to be set to at chest height or to a prone position.


The weapon operates using pulse system where the trigger sends an electric pulse to the electric motor that responds by loading a bullet into the chamber. The breech is locked by the motor and the next round is loaded. The electric pulse passes from here to the stabiliser which delivers feedback, stabilising the gun. The weapon has a Misriah Rail on the receiver and on the top, right, left and bottom of the forward grip. The weapon is magazine fed from a drum load, but can accept magazine inserts from Battle Rifles. Each part of the weapon has interlocking bolts that when fired, travel down the receiver rather than backwards to absorb recoil and direct it away from the shooter and it comes with fully adjustable and removable day/night iron sights.

UNSC Comments

"In training the DI gave me one, it was a lot lighter than I imagined but he ordered me to fire on the target. I thought I'd just be all over the place, I was pretty nervous but its got feed back like a sub machine gun."

"Shame this thing never gets mounted on vehicles. Then again, the thing is pretty big..."

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