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Production information

cR. 1484

Technical specifications
  • Length: 627 mm (474 mm stock closed)
  • Barrel: 210 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (empty), 2.88 kg (loaded)
Fire Mode
  • Full automatic
  • Semi automatic
  • 3 round Burst
Ammunition Type

5x23mm caseless


Gas System With Rotating Breech

Rate of Fire

15 rnds/sec (900 rnds/min)


110 meters


200 meters


Necros War




The M20A Submachine Gun is a UNSC firearm. A short ranged weapon, it is usually seen in service with vehicle and weapon crews, as well as infantry equipped for boarding action and close quarters operations.


A successor to the M7/Caseless Sub-Machine Gun, it is largely unchanged in role, but has seen successive modifications to change its layout for improved performance. The biggest change to it has been a change in magazine position, moving it from the side mounting to a mounting along the upper receiver. This allows for better ambidextrous access to the magazine, allowing for easier handling.

The weapon itself has some changes in ergonomics, with a Misriah rail mounted over the magazine and on either side of the barrel. The weapon is lighter, with new polymers and lightened titanium alloys. This makes it more robust, especially in hostile environments. The weapon has other integrated features, like a large flash suppressor to improve it's close quarters performance. The barrel is threaded so the flash suppressor can be removed and replaced with another model, or a sound suppressor. It has fully adjustable and removable day/night iron sights.

The magazine utilizes a circular ramp where the magazine meets the breech. This rotates the horizontally stacked rounds in the magazine 90 degrees until they align with the horizontal breech. Once the first round is fired, the gases from previous rounds force the breech to rotate and chamber a new round. The magazine release button is located just above the grip, so it can be thumbed, allowing the operator to literally throw the magazine out. The cocking handle runs the length on the weapon and is on both sides, and must be pulled back to load should the breach be empty. There is no ejection port due to the nature of the rounds fired.


The M20 SMG is primarily used as a personal defence weapon. Small, compact and lightweight, it can be carried with ease, and an operator can carry large amounts of ammunition in a small space. As such, weapon teams, specialists, snipers and vehicle crew can carry it with ease, to support themselves in close quarters combat. Its also utilised by special forces, who utilise the small size to engage enemies at close quarters, the rounds capable of dropping lightly armoured targets with ease.


UNSC Remarks

"Nice to finally be able to do something with this thing besides just spout off bullets like water"

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