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M19 Tactical Precipitation Deflection Device
Model 19 Tactical Precipitation Deflection Device
  • M19 TPDD
  • Umbrella

Misriah Armory

  • United Nations Space Command
    • UNSC Navy
      • UNSC Fleet Command
      • UNSC Logistical Corps
      • Naval Special Warfare Command
      • UNSC Engineering Corps
      • UNSC Test and Evaluation Corps
      • Colonial Military Administration
    • UNSC Air Force
      • Air Combat Command
    • UNSC Coast Guard

48 credits per unit

First Created

17th Century

First Used

17th Century

Powered By

Engaged by spring-loaded button-activated assembly

Used In
  • Deflection of precipitation
  • Preemptive prevention of absorption of liquid due to precipitation
  • Last-resort melee weapon
Used With
  • M21 Tactical Precipitation Deflection Overcoat
  • M27 Tactical Precipitation Deflection Headcap
  • M28 Tactical Precipitation Resistance Boots

The M19 Tactical Precipitation Deflection Device (abbreviated "M19 TPDD") is a device used to deflect precipitation from falling on an operator; instead deflecting in all directions to the side of the operator. The device was also intended to act as a last resort melee weapon, being built with stainless steel.