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Razorback Heavy Siege Tank
Production information

Masver-Tor Engineering


Heavy Siege Tank

Technical specifications

14.7 meters






99 tons

Engine Power
  • Two 8-cylinder Hydrogen engine producing a total of 2600 horse Power.
  • Mk. XXXIX CENTURION Fusion reactor
  • Heavy Duty Titanium
  • AEGIS tile inserts
  • carbon fibre layers
  • Heat Absorbing Layers
  • Kinetic energy absorbing layers
  • Non-newtonian gel layer
Sensor Systems
  • Target Acquisition and Designation System, Driver Night Vision System
  • Motion Trackers
  • GPS
Targeting systems
  • Multispectrum Optical Sensors
    • Optical
    • UV
    • Thermal
    • Night Vision
  • Laser rangefinder
  • SATCOM Uplink
  • 350mm Rocket Propelled Mortar
  • M343 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • 1 20mm rotary gun (Co-Axial)
  • 1 M247H2 HMG
  • 1 Remote operated cannon
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Commander
  • Secondary Gunner (2)

Self-propelled Assault Gun


United Nations Space Command


"We'd thrown everything at that fortress. Artillery, air strikes, Scorpions, sappers. Then this big ugly fucker turns up, and within twenty minutes we're on the other side! Never seen anything like it!"
―Lieutenant Lucien Vall

The M1117 Razorback Heavy Siege Tank is a heavy duty self-propelled assault gun, intended to break apart enemy fortifications with impunity. Built in response to the increasing number of enemy strongholds used on occupied UNSC worlds, the Razorback uses the M1000 Tiger Heavy Battle Tank's hull and super structure, but teams that with heavier armour, and a new assault gun, so it can safely approach an enemy stronghold and destroy it.

In order to fulfil this role, the turret has been replaced with a fixed super structure, and a casemate carrying a 350mm rocket propelled mortar. These weapon fires a hugely powerful mortar intended to breach heavy fortifications with a high power shaped charge, then deliver a explosive charge deep into it's target. The ordnance could be pre-programmed before launch for 'hard' or 'soft' targets to maximise the destructive potential of the explosive payload. It kept the anti-air turret used by the Tiger, and the forward PALADIN Weapon Station, but further augments it with a 20mm weapon station intended to provide anti-infantry fire to enemies at short range.

The vehicle was originally used to oust Covenant warlords that had dug into the ruins of the Outer Colonies, but has been used with great effect against Insurrectionist, and against Covenant Remnant strongholds, being favoured during the UNSC's planet hopping campaign for it's ability to punch holes through Covenant defences. It was also effective as a breakthrough tank, cutting holes in enemy defences, and safely making it to the other side, clearing a path for friendly units.

UNSC remarks

"During a counter offensive on Holy Watcher one of these things blew a hole through the exterior compound's walls, then the interior compound and when the Remnant sealed up their bunker it gave us a 'key'. The Brutes still looked confused when we ran through the dust and rubble on the other side of the bunker."

"Some say the demo mortar on the AVE is brutal on infantry but we hit a convoy of Shadows with this thing. Three of them in close formation, choked full of infantry. We just estimated how many there were, we found shit all traces of them in the two meters deep crater"

"We had a building fulla Remnants firing off heavy weapons at us, it woulda been funny to see the look on those Charlie Foxtrots faces. Fuel Rod Cannon rounds just bounced off our front plate, the few that exploded did jack shit. We gutted the whole front of the building in one shot in retaliation."

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