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"Really a god-send for us demo guys. Prior to its introduction, we had to use these clunky pneumatic drills which weighed around 40 lbs. The M-1126 will fit in your back pocket."
―Anonymous UNSC Demolitions specialist

The M-1126 Explosives Installation Tool was a item of UNSC infantry equipment used by combat engineers and demolition specialists to emplace explosive charges in a variety of disparate environments, conditions, and terrains.


The M-1126 is fairly small, being composed of a light-weight, heavy-duty telescoping metal rod about 12 ins. long. This rod can extend to a length of up to three feet. At the head of this rod there is a small snap-fit attachment point to which a variety of tools and fittings can be placed.

For drilling holes into rock, metal, and concrete, a diamond-coated metal composite drill powered by a powerful, yet compact motor can be attached. When the operator is planning to use the tool in soil, a small hand-powered coring tool can be used. In order to place the charge itself, a small gripping attachment is used. Then, a tamper can be used to ensure that the charge fits tightly and is in place. Once the charge is placed, a detonator or fuse can be inserted and armed using yet another tool.

UNSC Remarks

"I suppose I could punch a hole into the ground with my fist and chuck some C-14 in, but when you have an Mike 1126 that just becomes overkill."

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