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Loku 'Moram
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Biographical Information
Lineage Moram
Homeworld Unknowwn Sangheili Colony
Born 2540
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 8 feet, 2 inches
Weight 390 LBS
Eye Color Red
Political and Military Information
  • Commander (2558-2570)
  • Terrorist Commander (2570-???)
  • Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction (2558-2560)
  • Draco 'Rorke's Covenant faction (2560-2570)
  • Crimson Circle (2570-???)
  • Reclaimer Era
Equipment and Skills
  • Energy Sword
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Biochemical Weapons
  • Plasma Grenades
  • Biochemical Grenades
  • Terrorism
  • Biochemical Warfare

Where’s your precious demon now, fleshlings. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. All that remains is for you to watch as I drag your precious planet into oblivion.

—Loku 'Moram about to unleash Pandora’s deadly plague on the Earth.

Loku 'Moram was a Sangheili born on an unknown Sangheili colony. By 2558, he joined Jul's Covenant faction and rose through the ranks until he was a commander. It was during this time that he had became close friends with Zephyr 'Rorke, in which they had fought in many battles together.

By 2570, he joined the Crimson Circle and held the title of Terrorist Commander. He played a pivotal role and was responsible for all major biochemical terrorist attacks throughout the galaxy. He is Fal's main adversary and will do anything he can to bring him back to the side of the Covenant Remnant's or kill him personally.

Before his death, Fal tried to persuade him that there would be a place for him in joining the Sangheili Alliance, Loku refused to be persuaded and his own selflessness acts ended his fate.



Loku had organized a weapons trade for UN Credits. He arranged a meeting to be held at a military base located within the Sangheili district of Pandora. Loku was handed a weapons case and inspected it. He was satisfied what he saw. He knew that it had been a set up because he had recognized Fal. Immediately, Loku escaped with the briefcase as both sides engaged in a small firefight. Loku escaped to his safehouse, but was later engaged by Fal. Loku managed to get into Fal's subconscious, breaking his sense of purpose. Once the Sangheili S.O.U team managed to pulled Fal off him, he was taken to prison on Sanghelios.


Loku is just as bad as Zephyr, specializing in terrorist tactics, mainly biochemical terrorism to achieve his goals. He is intelligent and manipulative, blinding even those loyal to the other side the truth. He also enjoys messing with other peoples subconsciousness's; reveling in the suffering of others, twisting their personality, and bending them to his own will.

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