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The Llamrei-class Battlecruiser was a Wayland Shipyards developed ship which dominated the front-line of the Avalon Defense Fleet. While most UEG colonies favoured the cheaper and lighter Marathon-class, Avalon favoured the heavier and more advanced Llamrei produced on Avalon by Wayland Shipyards alongside the Nergal and Pendragon-class capital ships. While openly willing to construct ships for a lower price in other colonies, Wayland ships were considered impractical due to their cost and construction time though colonies such as Arcadia and New Harmony did possess a few Wayland ships.

Class History

Human-Covenant War

Battle of Harvest

In 2529 a detachment of ships were dispatched by the Avalon Defense Fleet to assist in the Harvest Campaign. The detachment consisted of two Llamrei-class battlecruisers, four Claudin-class destroyers and eight Crusader-class heavy frigates. The Llamrei-class cruisers left the conflict majorly unscathed though three of the Crusaders and a Claudin were lost during fighting.

Battle of Arcadia

The defending fleet above Arcadia numbered a single Llamrei-cruiser in it's miniscule defense fleet. The cruiser was destroyed prior to the arrival of James Cutter's Spirit of Fire.

Battle of New Harmony

New Harmony possessed six Wayland cruisers, a Nergal carrier, two Llamrei battlecruisers and three Claudin destroyers. Under the command of Avalon-born commander Ava Grieve the fleet over New Harmony managed to rout Covenant forces, allowing for Razor's Edge to attach a probe to a Covenant frigate leading to OPERATION: PROMETHEUS.

Battle of Meridian

Half a dozen Llamrei battlecruisers were among the naval defense over Meridian and were obliterated by the superior Covenant forces, overwhelmed by CAS-class assault carriers and supporting craft.

Battles over Avalon

The Llamrei class battlecruisers played a major part in the defense of Avalon, making up almost 60% of the fleet. Following mass evacuation of ground elements and civilians, a mostly successful operation, four Battlegroups headed by Llamrei battlecruisers were ordered to evacuate the final army and marine corps elements while several ships chose to stay behind and assist Fleet Admiral Grieve in defending the planet.

Fall of Tribute

UNSC ANZAC Spirit was present during the Battle over Tribute, comandeered by Penny van Schie. The ship managed to expend it's entire stockpile of munitions against Covenant attackers and emptied it's transport bays, leaving a skeleton crew to operate as it began breaking up under heavy fire over Casbah.

Design Details

The Llamrei was designed as a capital cruiser for small fleets and battlegroups. It excelled in planetary defense and front-line combat. They usually operated with a small accompanying group of destroyers and frigates. The ship houses 600 naval personnel and 1000 marine and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper units and can house up to 500 civilian refugees, 100 prisoners and potentially an extra battalion of marines or ODSTs. It clocks in at just over 2400 metres in length and possesses a singular Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. It weighs armaments carefully between heavy weapons and point defense however it is known to be extremely modular by design.

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